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Optotune Beam Shifters Optotune 光束偏移器 New
  • 可將解析度提高到4倍且具有較高的角度位置精度
  • 轉變時間快、重量輕、設計緊湊
  • 需要搭配 Optotune ICC-4C-2000 控制器 (#23-717)
Optotune Fast Steering Mirror, Protected Silver Coated Optotune 光束轉向反射鏡
  • ±50° 光學掃描
  • 保護性金或銀鍍膜反射鏡選項
  • 精巧的 45mm 直徑外殼尺寸
  • 透過 USB、SPI 或類比輸入進行控制
Liquid Crystal Variable Waveplates (Retarders) Liquid Crystal Variable Waveplates (Retarders) Clearance
  • Precise Electrically Controlled Retardance up to λ/2
  • Manual or Computer Interface Control
  • Easy Mounting with 8-32 Tapped Hole
+5 to +10 diopters, VIS, Optotune Industrial Focus-Tunable Lens Optotune 10mm 光圈工業用電動聚焦鏡頭
Top Seller
Optotune 16mm 光圈工業用電動聚焦鏡頭 Optotune 16mm 光圈工業用電動聚焦鏡頭
Top Seller
Optotune Electrically Focus-Tunable Lenses Optotune Electrically Focus-Tunable Lenses
Optotune Fine Steering Mirrors 精細轉向反射鏡 New
  • 毫弧度(mrad)光束轉向範圍、解析度為μrad
  • 用於低至高功率雷射的金屬或電介質鍍膜
  • 是雷射擺動應用的理想選擇
ALPAO Deformable Modal Mirrors ALPAO Deformable Modal Mirrors New
  • Provide Correction of Common Optical Aberrations
  • 8 Control Channels Correspond to Zernike Modes
  • Simple, Easy to Use Web Browser Based Software

Active Optical Components are used to manipulate light through a variety of electrical methods, including adaptive reflection, variable diffusion, or tunable focusing. Active Optical Components are ideal for a wide variety life sciences, industrial, or research applications including for testing, illumination systems, wavefront manipulation, or microscopy. Active optics can also be used to replace complex optical systems with more compact, efficient alternatives, which can help reduce system size or remove the need for multiple systems or additional components.

Edmund Optics offers a wide variety of Active Optical Components, including liquid lenses, variable diffusers, or laser speckle reducers, in addition to adaptive optics such as deformable mirrors. Focus-tunable lenses are liquid lenses that utilize a control current to adjust focus, removing the need for multi-lens focus or zoom systems. Adaptive optics, including deformable mirrors, are used to manipulate the wavefront in order to improve the quality of an optical system.

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