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Light Pipes and Homogenizing Rods

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熔融石英光導管均質化棒 熔融石英光導管均質化棒
光導管均質化棒安裝座 光導管均質化棒安裝座
  • 輕鬆安裝光導管均質化棒
  • 防刮夾持器
  • 提供實驗安裝配件
光導管均質化棒 光導管均質化棒
錐形光導管均質化棒安裝座 錐形光導管均質化棒安裝座
  • 輕鬆安裝錐形光導管均質化棒
  • 防刮夾持器
  • 提供實驗安裝配件
錐形光導管均質化棒 錐形光導管均質化棒

Light Pipes, also known as Homogenizing Rods, are Optical Components designed for any application that requires homogenized light. Light Pipes utilize total internal reflection to homogenize non-uniform light sources, regardless of the light source’s spectral characteristics.

Edmund Optics offers the world’s largest inventory of off-the-shelf optical components. The majority of Edmund Optics’ Light Pipes are hexagonal in shape. The hexagonal configuration offers 35% less light loss than comparable square Light Pipes. Fused Silica Light Pipe Homogenizing Rods are ideal for applications utilizing UV LED light sources. Tapered Light Pipe Homogenizing Rods offer several magnification options, including 2X or 3X. Edmund Optics offers Light Pipe Mounts for either tapered or hexagonal Light Pipes. Light Pipe Mounts are designed to offer easy system integration solutions, or to ease handling. Light Pipe Mounts include two non-marring plastic clamps, a barrel, and four set screws. The end-clamps have minimal contact with the light pipes, ensuring maximum throughput.

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