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無鍍膜雙凹 (DCV) 透鏡 無鍍膜雙凹 (DCV) 透鏡
  • 波長範圍是350-2200nm
  • 憑藉精密的直徑及同軸性容差可輕鬆實現OEM整合
  • 提供各種直徑及焦距
  • 提供附加抗反射鍍膜選擇:MgF2VIS 0°VIS-NIRNIR INIR II
MgF<sub>2</sub>鍍膜雙凹 (DCV) 透鏡 MgF2鍍膜雙凹 (DCV) 透鏡
  • 採用抗反射鍍膜,對於400 - 700nm的光可為表面提供小於1.75%的反射率
  • 針對0°入射角而設計
  • 多種鍍膜選擇: 無鍍膜VIS 0°VIS-NIRNIR INIR II
VIS 0°鍍膜雙凹 (DCV) 透鏡 VIS 0°鍍膜雙凹 (DCV) 透鏡
  • 採用抗反射鍍膜,對於425 - 675nm的光可為表面提供小於0.4%的反射率
  • 針對0°入射角而設計
  • 多種鍍膜選擇:無鍍膜MgF2VIS-NIRNIR INIR II
NIR I鍍膜雙凹 (DCV) 透鏡 NIR I鍍膜雙凹 (DCV) 透鏡
  • 採用抗反射鍍膜,對於600 - 1050nm的光可為表面提供小於0.5%的反射率
  • 針對0°入射角而設計
  • 多種鍍膜選擇: 無鍍膜MgF2VIS 0°VIS-NIRNIR II
NIR II鍍膜雙凹 (DCV) 透鏡 NIR II鍍膜雙凹 (DCV) 透鏡
  • 採用抗反射鍍膜,對於750 - 1550nm的光可為表面提供小於0.7%的反射率
  • 針對0°入射角而設計
  • 多種鍍膜選擇:無鍍膜MgF2VIS 0°VIS-NIRNIR I
VIS-NIR鍍膜雙凹 (DCV) 透鏡 VIS-NIR鍍膜雙凹 (DCV) 透鏡
  • 採用抗反射鍍膜,對於400 - 700nm的光可為表面提供小於1.75%的反射率
  • 880nm光的反射率小於0.25%
  • 針對0°入射角而設計
  • 多種鍍膜選擇:無鍍膜MgF2VIS 0°NIR INIR II
紫外線熔融石英DCV透鏡 紫外線熔融石英DCV透鏡
  • 負焦距適合光束擴束或光束投影應用
  • 200 - 2200nm 的波長範圍
  • 提供熱門的紫外線抗反射鍍膜選項
平凸(PCX)透鏡與簡單透鏡套件組 平凸(PCX)透鏡與簡單透鏡套件組
  • 簡單透鏡套件組包括PCX、DCX、PCV及DCV透鏡
  • 套件組備有12.5mm與25mm直徑透鏡可供選擇
  • 提供無鍍膜及含BBAR鍍膜的選項
  • 注意:有可能更改包装
VIS-EXT Coated Double-Concave (DCV) Lenses VIS-EXT Coated Double-Concave (DCV) Lenses
  • AR Coated to Provide <0.5% Reflectance per Surface for 350 - 700nm
  • Designed for 0° Angle of Incidence
  • Precision Diameter and Centration Tolerances Allow for Easy OEM Integration
  • Additional AR Coating Options Available: Uncoated, MgF2VIS 0°VIS-NIRNIR I, and NIR II

Double-Concave Lenses, also known as DCV or Biconcave Lenses, are used in beam expansion, image reduction, or light projection applications. These lenses are also ideal for expanding the focal length of an optical system. Double-Concave Lenses, which have two concave surfaces, are Optical Lenses with negative focal lengths.

Edmund Optics offers the world’s largest inventory of off-the-shelf optical components, including a variety of standard or UV Fused Silica Double-Concave Lenses. Standard lenses are available in several anti-reflection coating optics, including MgF2, VIS 0°, VIS-NIR, NIR I, or NIR II, for optimal performance in the Ultraviolet (UV), Visible, or Infrared (IR) regions. The UV Fused Silica substrate offers excellent transmission characteristics with high operating temperatures. UV Fused Silica Double-Concave Lenses are ideal for laser or imaging applications. An optional UV-AR anti-reflection coating increases performance in the Ultraviolet (UV) spectrum. Edmund Optics’ Double-Concave Lenses are available in a wide range of sizes or focal lengths.

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