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USB3 Cable Type A to Micro B 用於機器視覺相機的 USB 傳輸線 New
  • 提供 USB 2.0、3.0 和 3.1 選項
  • 提供 USB Type-A 轉 Type-B、Micro-B、Mini-B 或 Type-C 接環選項
  • 提供 2-20m 線長選項
Adjustable "¼-20 Mount with 90° Tilt 機器視覺相機旋轉支架 New
  • 可提供 90° 或 180° 傾斜角的 ¼"-20 相機支架
  • 可 360°旋轉並帶有 10°刻度標記
  • 相容常用 相機
Accessories for Imaging Systems Accessories for Imaging Systems
Boom Stand Mounting Adapters Boom Stand Mounting Adapters
  • Standard and Deluxe Versions Available
  • ¼-20 Mounting
  • Compatible with our Most Popular Line of Boom Stands
萬向支架 萬向支架
  • 標準,滾珠軸承和鉸接臂三種型號
  • 安裝適配器單獨出售
  • 九種萬向支架和安裝座的組合
#12-637: Universal Breadboard Adapter for ¾" Posts 成像系統底座
Rack and Pinion Focusing Mounts for Imaging Systems Rack and Pinion Focusing Mounts for Imaging Systems
SLIK Mini-Pro 緊湊型三腳架 SLIK Mini-Pro 緊湊型三腳架
  • 可輕鬆安裝到具有1/4-20螺紋接頭的相機上
  • 採用180°傾斜球型雲台與360°立柱旋轉,可實現最大 的靈活性
  • 具有雙節支柱,便於存放
成像系統用不銹鋼接桿 成像系統用不銹鋼接桿
  • Posts for Integration into Imaging Systems
  • Vertical Posts Thread to Bases and Platforms
  • Horizontal Arms Thread to Posts and Microscope Head Mounts
  • Rack and Pinion Focusing Mounts, and Accessories also Available
FireWire Camera Accessories FireWire Camera Accessories Clearance
  • FireWire.a and FireWire.b Cables
  • FireWire.a and FireWire.b PCI Cards
Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) Accessories Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) Accessories
  • GigE Cable Lengths up to 20m
  • Capture Cards Available for PCI and PCI-E
Imperx Analog Laptop Capture Cards Imperx Analog Laptop Capture Cards
  • On-Board Memory for Fast Image Acquisition
  • 2 RCA Jack Inputs
  • Type II PCMCIA Connection
  • Intelligent Scatter/Gather DMA
  • NTSC/PAL/SECAM/RS170 Complaint (Auto NTSC/PAL Format Detection)
  • Single Frame, Multi-Frame or AVI Output
  • Drivers for Windows 2000/XP, WDM and LabVIEW
  • Requires 3.3V DC ±5%; 160 mA Steady (350mA Inrush) and 0.5W Constant Power
Imperx Camera Link® Laptop Capture Cards Imperx Camera Link® Laptop Capture Cards
  • ExpressCard(PCI-E) and PCMCIA Version Available
  • Base Camera Link® Compliant
  • Intelligent Scatter/Gather DMA
  • Easy to Use GUI Interface
  • Single Frame, Multi-Frame or AVI Output
#58-678: 15V Universal Power Supply 電源和連接線
  • 用於美國、英國、歐洲和澳大利亞標準插座的可互換 4 刀片套件
  • 5、9、12 或 15 伏電源選項
  • 只有 5V 和 9V 選項配 6 英呎長的電線
Video Cables Video Cables
  • BNC and S-Video Options
  • Multiple Cable Lengths Available
2-Axis Adjustable Camera Mount 2-Axis Adjustable Camera Mount Clearance
關節臂組裝系統 關節臂組裝系統
  • 可以安裝和設定在特定方向
  • 透過混合與配對取得自訂固定組合
  • 可鎖定的角度定位
消色差透鏡原型建立系統 消色差透鏡原型建立系統
  • 適用於原型建立的成像透鏡系統
  • 特別適用於識別所需的放大倍率與孔徑
  • 搭配使用C-接口相機時,與螺旋鏡筒相容
定焦鏡頭C接口間隔環套件 定焦鏡頭C接口間隔環套件
Top Seller
  • Decrease FOV and Reduce Working Distances
  • Multiple Spacer Lengths Included
  • Compatible with C-Mount FFL Lenses
C 接口螺旋鏡筒 C 接口螺旋鏡筒
  • 相容於 12.5mm、15mm 及 25mm 直徑光學元件
  • 公母 C 接口螺紋
  • 提供無需旋轉光學元件的線性調整
WateC 單色相機 WateC 單色相機
  • 1/3 吋或 ½ 吋尺寸 CCD
  • 自動光圈含背光補償
  • 0.0001 勒克斯的低光敏感度
  • 精巧尺寸
  • C 接口附帶轉接環
  • 隨附電源供應器

Camera Accessories are used to provide additional features or as replacement options to the large selection of imaging cameras available and consist of a range of products such as cables, power supplies, or laptop capture cards that are crucial to the use of certain cameras or in certain environments. Mounting Accessories are used to mount imaging components into a variety of applications and consist of a number of products including posts, platforms, or boom stands designed to mount components onto a stable surface. S-Mount, C-Mount, and T-Mount Components are used to integrate a variety of optical components into an imaging system and are optomechanical components designed to mount optical lenses, optical filters, or microscope objectives into imaging systems. Edmund Optics offers a wide range of accessories and components ideal for creating imaging systems for any application or environment.

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