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Notch Filters | 陷波濾波片

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OD 6.0 陷波濾光片 OD 6.0 陷波濾光片
OD 4.0 陷波濾光片 OD 4.0 陷波濾光片
適用於Nd:YAG雷射的OD 6.0 多波陷波濾光片 適用於Nd:YAG雷射的OD 6.0 多波陷波濾光片
META® holoOPTIX® Notch Filters META® HoloOPTIX™ 陷波濾光片
  • >OD 4.0 (典型)
  • 透射範圍廣
  • 獨特的大尺寸柔性設計
OD 6.0 超薄陷波濾光片 OD 6.0 超薄陷波濾光片
  • 於 405 至 1064nm 的雷射波長提供 OD 6.0 隔絕能力
  • 最大厚度 300µm
  • 彈性且抗刮
Everix Ultra-Thin OD 4.0 Notch Filters	Everix OD 4.0 超薄陷波濾光片
  • 最大厚度 300 和 400µm
  • 柔性結構、耐刮擦
  • 具有鮮明光譜特徵的擠壓型薄膜

Notch Filters are used in Raman spectroscopy, confocal or multi-photon microscopy, laser-based fluorescence instrumentation, or other life science applications. Notch Filters are Optical Filters that selectively reject a portion of the spectrum, while transmitting all other wavelengths. Notch Filters feature dielectric coatings to reflect laser wavelengths.

Edmund Optics offers a wide variety of Optical Filters, including a range of Notch Filters. Edmund Optics’ Notch Filters feature OD 4 or OD 6 blocking, or multi-notch capability. OD 4 Notch Filters feature narrow rejection bands of just ±2.5% of the center wavelength, while offering greater than 99% reflection of the designated laser wavelength. OD 6 Notch Filters are used in applications that require deep blocking of a narrow wavelength range, while offering broad transmission of the other wavelengths. OD 6 Notch Filter applications include laser-based Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence, or for integration into life science systems. Multi-Notch Filters are for applications that require the rejection of multiple narrow bands without the use of a multi-filter setup.

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