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籠式系統安裝板 籠式系統安裝板
  • 基本籠式系統結構的基本元件
  • 50mm 外徑或 2" 方形
  • 陽極處理鋁合金構造
籠式系統 4 棒式插入平板 籠式系統 4 棒式插入平板
  • 可輕鬆地新增光學裝置至既有籠式系統,無需拆卸
  • 可輕鬆滑入使用 38mm 孔位圓的既有 TECHSPEC® 籠式系統
  • 請按此處瞭解如何使用 4 棒式插入平板
Cage System Adapter Plate Cage System Adapter Plate
  • Interfaces Between TECHSPEC Optical Cage System and Other Cage Systems
  • Adapts 30mm Rod Spacing to TECHSPEC Cage System’s 38mm Bolt Circle
  • 32mm Inner Diameter
Cage System Filter Holder Plates and Filter Holders Cage System Filter Holder Plates and Filter Holders
  • Specialized Plates Designed to Hold and Position Optics
  • Filter Holder Plate with Interchangeable Filter Holder
Cage System Angle Adjustment Plates and Accessories Cage System Angle Adjustment Plates and Accessories
  • Multiple Angular Positioning Options
  • Fixed and Continuous Adjustment Plates Available
  • Anodized Aluminum Construction
籠式系統可調整板 籠式系統可調整板
  • 專門設計用於支撐及定位光學裝置的特殊板
  • 陽極電鍍鋁結構搭配不鏽鋼螺絲
  • X-Y 微定位板搭配 RMS 安裝螺紋
Cage System Components Kit Cage System Components Kit
  • Contains Necessary Parts to Build Basic Optomechanical Systems
  • Ideal for Experimentation or Prototyping
  • Includes Mounting Options for 12.5mm and 25mm Optical Components
  • Getting Started Guide Featuring Example Setups is Available

Cage System Plates are used with TECHSPEC Optical Cage System rods or components to assemble optical cage systems. Cage System Plates are fundamental components of a TECHSPEC Optical Cage System used to create even the most basic cage system setup. Cage System Plates are designed to mount rods, posts, or additional TECHSPEC Optical Cage System components. Cage System Plates can also be used to create structures for supporting multiple optical paths or motion.

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