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    Length (mm)
    Inner Diameter (mm)
    Outer Diameter (mm)
    Mounting Threads
    Width (mm)

    Optical Cage System

    Optical Cage Systems are used to create optical setups in a variety of prototyping or university research applications. Optical Cage Systems are a collection of mechanical components designed to serve as the structure of an optical system. Optical Cage Systems are designed for modularity with components being purchased individually to meet the application’s needs. These highly adaptable components ease system alignment, decreasing setup time while increasing portability.

    Edmund Optics offers the TECHSPEC Optical Cage System which includes a wide variety of mechanical components including rods, plates, or optical mounts. TECHSPEC Optical Cage Systems feature tight tolerances for smooth movement, increased rigidity for excellent mechanical stability, combined with a superior price-to-performance ratio. Components are available for translation, positioning, angular mounting, or supporting multiple beam paths. A basic TECHSPEC Optical Cage System setup includes rods and plates. TECHSPEC Optical Cage System Tubes are also available for minimizing stray light or for providing additional support to the structure.

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