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Optical Adhesives | 光學膠

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Norland Optical Adhesives	Norland光學膠
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  • 出眾的光學品質
  • 以易於使用的管裝形式提供
  • 經紫外線照射會快速固化
Preloaded Norland Optical Adhesive Syringes 預先裝填的Norland光學膠黏劑注射器 New
  • 預先裝填 2 或 10g 膠黏劑的分裝注射器
  • 適用於玻璃、金屬及塑膠接合的膠黏劑
  • 使用時需要分裝裝置及分裝尖頭
  • 也供應Norland光學膠的滴管和散裝瓶
Norland指數匹配液 (IML) 150 Norland指數匹配液 (IML) 150
  • 在 589nm 提供 1.52 的折射率
  • 適用於臨時光纖分割
  • 6g 或 30g 的預先裝填注射器
Norland 電子產品用粘合膠 Norland 電子產品用粘合膠
  • 單一成分紫外線固化膠合劑
  • 對玻璃、金屬及塑膠有極佳的黏合力
  • 是封裝、密封及緊固的理想選擇
Dispensing Guns and Hand Plungers Dispensing Guns and Hand Plungers
Dispenser Barrels and Accessories Dispenser Barrels and Accessories
Milbond 黏著劑系統 Milbond 黏著劑系統
  • 雙成分環氧樹脂膠粘劑系統
  • 玻璃與金屬黏接
  • 鏡面安裝的理想選擇
  • 還提供 Milsolve 脫泡劑

Optical Adhesives are used to bond or cement optical components together or to an optical system for a number of optical applications. Optical Adhesives can be used with curing lamps to ease or quicken the adhesion process. Optical Adhesives allow precise positioning of optical components within a system by affixing components firmly in desired locations or positions. Optical Adhesives reduce the need for purchasing additional components by allowing existing components to be combined or positioned manually.

Edmund Optics offers a wide selection of Optical Adhesives suited for many optical modifications or positioning needs. Binders may be used for metal-to-glass, glass-to-glass, glass-to-plastic, metal-to-plastic, or metal-to-metal bonding, making them suitable for most optical binding needs. The wide selection of curing lamps or light guns allow for a controllable environment for adhesive curing. A number of UV protective eyewear products are also available, effective as both general purpose safety eyewear as well as a shield against UV radiation from adhesive curing.

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