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Dichroic Filters | 二向色濾光片

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45° 反射型二向色彩色濾光片 45° 反射型二向色彩色濾光片
  • 反射特定顏色的光,同時穿透其餘可見光譜
  • 非常適合分色應用
  • 精密的N-BK7基板
二向色低通濾光片 二向色低通濾光片
  • 明確的截止波長
  • 穿透與反射範圍大
  • Available in 4 Common Sizes
二向色高通濾光片 二向色高通濾光片
  • 非常適用於螢光或多光譜成像
  • 明確的穿透波長
  • 穿透與反射範圍大
螢光二向色濾光片 螢光二向色濾光片
  • 非常適用於螢光或多光譜成像
  • 反射範圍與穿透範圍之間的過渡斜率非常陡峭
  • 反射與穿透範圍更大
增/減二向色彩色濾光片 增/減二向色彩色濾光片
  • 高飽和二向色類型
  • Matrix of Sizes and Sets
  • Precision Glass Substrate
TECHSPEC® Low GDD Dichroic Shortpass Ultrafast Filters 低 GDD 二向色低通超快濾光片
  • 減少厚度實現低 GDD
  • 穿透與反射範圍大
  • 適用於超快雷射應用
二向色雷射光束混合器 二向色雷射光束混合器
  • 對偏振不敏感
  • 硬質濺鍍鍍膜
  • 提供多種尺寸
高效能螢光二向色濾光片 高效能螢光二向色濾光片
  • 更優質的平整度、穿透波前及表面品質
  • 適用於螢光顯微鏡或高放大倍率成像應用
  • 最受青睞的螢光及二向色高通濾光片穿透波長
Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Dichroic Filters 極紫外 (EUV) 二向色濾光片
  • 在高次諧波發生器中將極紫外(EUV)與近紅外雷射源分開
  • 專為高損傷閾值設計
  • 支援10 - 40nm的應用
  • 現貨供應
  • 無最低訂購量、無鍍膜批次收費

Dichroic Filters, also known as Dichroic Mirrors or Dichromatic Mirrors, are coated with thin-film dielectric coatings that transmit wavelengths within a specified transmission band and reflect all other wavelengths. By reflecting rejected wavelengths instead of absorbing them, dichroic filters can be used with more intense light sources than absorptive filters. Dichroic Filters are generally used at a 45° angle of incidence to reflect rejected light at 90° to the transmitted light. Dichroic Filters are used in applications such as fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry to selectively transmit light towards detectors.

Edmund Optics offers a range of Dichroic Filters, including 45° Reflective Dichroic Color Filters that reflect one color while transmitting all other visible wavelengths, Dichroic Shortpass Filters and Dichroic Longpass Filters designed for the visible or near-infrared (NIR), and Fluorescence Dichroic Filters with cut-on wavelengths at common fluorophore emission wavelengths. For more information on our optical filter products, visit our Optical Filters Selection Guide.

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