IBS (Ion Beam Sputtering) Coated Optics

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IBS 雷射光窗鏡 IBS 雷射光窗鏡
  • IBS 鍍膜可盡量減少吸收和散射
  • Nd:YAG 雷射的反射率低於 0.1%
  • 在設計波長提供保證的雷射損傷閾值
IBS 雷射光反射鏡 IBS 雷射光反射鏡
  • IBS 反射鏡鍍膜提供低損耗及高反射率
  • 在 DWL 保證提供高達 15 J/cm2(在 1064nm 情況下)的高雷射損傷閾值
  • 提供超拋光基材,具備百萬分點等級的散射效能
  • Additional Sizes Coming Soon
高效能低 GDD 超快反射鏡 高效能低 GDD 超快反射鏡
  • 高反射率設計,提供超快光束控制
  • 採用離子束濺鍍鍍膜,提供低散射及吸收
  • 設計波長範圍內的 GDD 為 0±20fs2
雙頻低 GDD 超快反射鏡 雙頻低 GDD 超快反射鏡
  • 適用於超快光束轉向的高反射率和低群延遲色散(GDD)
  • 離子束濺射鍍膜將散射和吸收損失降至最低
  • Ti:sapphire 雷射和 Yb-doped 雷射一次諧波以及二次諧波的群延遲色散 (GDD) 接近於零

IBS (Ion Beam Sputtering) Coated Optics achieve the highest performance possible for demanding laser optics applications. IBS technology enables the manufacturing of IBS laser line mirrors with reflectance above 99.99% and high laser damage thresholds, IBS laser line lenses and IBS laser line windows with low-loss anti-reflection coatings, and IBS laser line filters with steep transitions capable of withstanding high laser energy. The IBS coatings on these optics feature dense, non-porous, homogenous coating layers creating drift-free, temperature insensitive performance. IBS Coated Optics are virtually free of surface defects, resulting in the lowest possible absorption and scatter of any coating process.

Edmund Optics has precision IBS coating capabilities with our industry leading Veeco SPECTOR® Ion Beam Sputtering System located onsite. The SPECTOR platform offers exceptional layer thickness control and enhanced process stability, resulting in high reproducibility of coating batches and consistent coating performance within design parameters. Please contact us to learn more about our capabilities to produce IBS Coated Optics designed for high laser fluence applications.

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