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  • 我的帳戶
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    Imaging Mechanics

    • Mounting for Hard-to-Reach Places
    • 透過混合與配對取得自訂固定組合
    • Lockable Angular Positioning

    Boom Stand Mounting Adapters
    • Standard and Deluxe Versions Available
    • ¼-20 Mounting
    • Compatible with our Most Popular Line of Boom Stands

    • 標準,滾珠軸承和鉸接臂三種型號
    • 安裝適配器單獨出售
    • 九種萬向支架和安裝座的組合

    Imaging System Bases

    Pan-Tilt Mounts
    • Load Capacities of 6 lbs and 9 lbs
    • Plug and Play Capability
    • RS-232/485 Computer Controls
    • Available in Nodal Configurations

    Rack and Pinion Focusing Mounts for Imaging Systems
    TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. Learn More

    Rotatable Angle Bracket and Post Clamp
    • 以任意角度定位元件
    • 與英制實驗板的¾" 立桿相容
    • Ideal for Mounting Video Cameras and Lenses
    • 可執行水平與垂直旋轉

    SLIK Mini-Pro 緊湊型三腳架
    • 可輕鬆安裝到具有1/4-20螺紋接頭的相機上
    • 採用180°傾斜球型雲台與360°立柱旋轉,可實現最大 的靈活性
    • 具有雙節支柱,便於存放

    Stainless Steel Posts for Imaging Systems
    • Posts for Integration into Imaging Systems
    • Vertical Posts Thread to Bases and Platforms
    • Horizontal Arms Thread to Posts and Microscope Head Mounts
    • Rack and Pinion Focusing Mounts, and Accessories also Available

    X-Y 定位台
    • 在X與Y方向的行程為200mm
    • 滾珠軸承隨尼龍指旋螺釘滑動



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