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Lab Kits

Lab Kits are ideal for new or existing laboratories. Lab Kits include an array of products consisting of optical components, optomechanics, cleaning supplies, light sources, and general tools. The components of each kit are designed to supply a lab with commonly consumed items and also provide the foundation for new labs of many application spaces. Lab Kits are a convenient means of purchasing a multitude of product types, as opposed to purchasing each individually.

  • 專為補充實驗室消耗品而設計
  • 內附各式工具、清潔用品和安裝設備
  • 提供英制與公制元件

  • 新成立實驗室的理想出發點
  • 內附 255 個獨立部件
  • 光學元件、光機組件、清潔用品、各式工具等等
  • 提供英制與公制的接環版本
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Scorpii™ Nd:YAG 光束擴束器套件組
  • 適合 Nd:YAG 雷射波長的抗反射鍍膜:355nm、532nm 及 1064nm
  • 套件組包含 5 種離散放大倍率(2X 至 10X)
  • 專為 OEM 整合設計,無發散調整功能



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