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Compression Prisms | 壓縮稜鏡

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超快色散補償稜鏡 超快色散補償稜鏡
  • 以布魯斯特角拋光,以便最大限度減少反射損失
  • 使用內腔設計可進行色散補償
  • 使用外腔設計可操控脈衝特性

Compression Prisms are used for dispersion compensation in ultrafast laser systems. They can be used inside laser cavities to compensate for intra-cavity optics, such as gain crystals, or outside laser cavities (extra-cavity) to manipulate pulse characteristics. Their external, extra-cavity uses include recompressing pulses to their original length after passing through other optical components in a system.

Edmund Optics offers Compression Prisms made from various substrates, including LaKL21, SF10, and fused silica, each providing a different group velocity dispersion specification to meet your application’s dispersion requirements.

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