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Sapphire Optics | 藍寶石光學產品

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紅外線 (IR) 帶通濾光片 紅外線 (IR) 帶通濾光片 New
  • 非常適用於氣體分析
  • 中心波長為2.7-12.4μm
  • 單一基材干涉濾光片
High Durability Anti-Reflection (AR) Coated Sapphire Windows High Durability Anti-Reflection (AR) Coated Sapphire Windows
  • Achieves Severe Abrasion Requirements of MIL-C-675C
  • Low Reflection Coatings for 400 - 1100nm or 2000 - 5000nm
  • Ideal for Harsh Environments Requiring Thin Optics
  • Uncoated Sapphire Windows are Also Available
精密藍寶石窗口片 精密藍寶石窗口片 Clearance
  • λ/4表面精度
  • 嚴謹公差設計,可實現卓越的效能
  • 對紫外線至中波紅外範圍內的光具有極佳的穿透能力
藍寶石及紅寶石球形透鏡 藍寶石及紅寶石球形透鏡
藍寶石及紅寶石半球形透鏡 藍寶石及紅寶石半球形透鏡
藍寶石窗口片 藍寶石窗口片
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  • 具備極高的表面硬度與化學品抵抗力
  • 穿透波長的範圍涵蓋紫外線至中波紅外
  • 較標準玻璃窗口片厚度更薄、強度更大
  • 提供覆蓋 350 - 5000nm 的防反射塗層選項
具通孔的藍寶石窗鏡 具通孔的藍寶石窗鏡
  • 25.4mm 直徑藍寶石基材
  • 3.2 - 19.1mm 通孔直徑
  • 在 0.33 - 5.5μm 提供高穿透率
Machine Vision Mounted Sapphire Windows 機器視覺用封裝藍寶石窗鏡
  • 適用於機器視覺應用的保護窗鏡
  • 具有極佳的表面硬度及化學穩定性
  • 可選M25.5 ~ M62.0 濾光片螺牙
雷射光等級C軸藍寶石窗鏡 雷射光等級C軸藍寶石窗鏡
  • C 軸切割藍寶石可消除雙折射
  • 10-5 表面品質和 λ/10 TWFD
  • 未鍍膜或 IBS AR 鍍膜,適用於 1000 - 1100nm
ISP Optics 藍寶石窗鏡 ISP Optics 藍寶石窗鏡 Clearance
  • 高耐腐蝕性和熱穩定性
  • 比玻璃窗鏡更耐用
  • 穿透範圍 0.33 – 5.5µm

Sapphire Optical Components are used in a variety of applications requiring high durability or broad spectral ranges, including semiconductor, FTIR spectroscopy, or FLIR imaging. Sapphire, which is the second hardest crystal, features a variety of attributes that are ideal for use in harsh environments, including extreme surface hardness, high thermal conductivity, high dielectric constant, as well as a strong resistance to a variety of chemical acids or alkalis. Compared to many standard optical materials, Sapphire Optical Components offer thinner designs, along with transmission ranges from 0.15 – 5.5μm for optimum performance in the ultraviolet to the MWIR.

Edmund Optics offers a variety of Sapphire Optical Components for a range of applications, including ball lenses, spherical lenses, or windows. Sapphire Ball Lenses feature high refractive indices, ideal for minimizing the distance between fiber output and lens. Sapphire Half Ball Lenses are available to simplify mounting or system integration. Ruby-doped Sapphire Ball Lenses are also available to ease handling.

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