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Microscopy Targets

Microscopy Targets measure the accuracy and performance of a system in imaging and microscopy applications. Microscopy Targets provide measurement capabilities, use a variety of patterns, such as Ronchi or star, to measure a system’s resolution. While most targets are designed for machine vision, Microscopy Targets are truly designed for microscopy measurement needs and applications.

Edmund Optics offers Microscopy Targets in various types including High Resolution Targets for distortion and Color Transmission Calibration Slides. High Resolution Targets are designed for high magnification microscopy systems, whereas Color Transmission Calibration Slides are designed for fluorescence imaging. These targets are conveniently shaped based off of the dimensions of a standard microscope slide, with options for targets physically mounted in a slide.

高分辨率顯微鏡載玻片測試板 New

  • 小型圖案尺寸 - 100nm 及 3300 lp/mm
  • 使用高度精準的電子束微影技術組合而成
  • 負片圖案設計



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