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寬頻偏振立方體分光鏡 寬頻偏振立方體分光鏡
  • 提供可見光與近紅外鍍膜選項
  • 消光比達500:1
  • 採用抗反射鍍膜,可實現每個表面的反射率小於 0.5%
寬頻偏振平板分光鏡 寬頻偏振平板分光鏡
  • 採用金屬線柵技術
  • 反射S偏振光,透射P偏振光
  • 非常適用於高溫環境
雷射光高能量偏振立方體分光鏡 雷射光高能量偏振立方體分光鏡
  • 採用光學接觸設計,以提升損傷閾值
  • P偏振光的穿透率超過96%
  • 具有超過1000:1的高消光比
雷射光偏振立方體分光鏡 雷射光偏振立方體分光鏡
  • 專為常用的二極體、氣體及固態雷射而設計
  • 反射S偏振光,穿透P偏振光
  • 具有很高的消光比
橫向位移分光鏡 橫向位移分光鏡
  • 提供可見光與近紅外鍍膜選項
  • 簡化工作台佈局
  • 將入射光束分為兩束有位移的平行光
金屬線柵偏振立方體分光鏡 金屬線柵偏振立方體分光鏡
  • 在大的入射角範圍內具有高對比度
  • 在大角度時色彩偏移低
  • 非常適用於非平行光源
雷射偏振分光片 雷射偏振分光片
  • 45°入射角
  • 反射 S 偏振光,穿透 P 偏振光
  • 可用於 Nd:YAG 諧波和 HeNe 波長

Polarizing Beamsplitters are Beamsplitters designed to split light by polarization state rather than by wavelength or intensity. Polarizing Beamsplitters are often used in semiconductor or photonics instrumentation to transmit p-polarized light while reflecting s-polarized light. Optical isolators use polarizing beamsplitters to eliminate feedback-induced damage. Polarizing Beamsplitters are typically designed for 0° or 45° angle of incidence with a 90° separation of the beams, depending on the configuration.

Edmund Optics offers a wide variety of Polarizing Beamsplitters in a range of configurations including plate, cube, or lateral displacement. Plate Beamsplitters are available in many sizes for optimized performance when used with ultraviolet, visible, or infrared wavelengths. Cube Beamsplitters are ideal for applications requiring durability or simplified mounting or system integration. Lateral Displacement Beamsplitters are designed to split the incident beam into two displaced parallel beams. Polarizing Beamsplitters are available that have been designed for common laser wavelengths or wavelength ranges.

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