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Microscopy Cameras | 立體顯微鏡

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Automated Upright Microscope Automated Upright Microscope New
Mitutoyo FS70 檢測顯微鏡 Mitutoyo FS70 檢測顯微鏡
  • 利用 Mitutoyo 無限補正物鏡
  • 三目設計可簡單安裝導入視頻
  • 砲塔最多接受四個物鏡
Olympus SZ51 與sz61變焦立體顯微鏡 Olympus SZ51 與sz61變焦立體顯微鏡
  • 具有可變的放大倍率範圍
  • 採用三目顯微鏡設計,可實現相機相容性
  • 提供多種安裝支架與組態
  • Olympus SZX7 Zoom Stereo Microscope is Also Available
Olympus SZX7 變焦立體顯微鏡 Olympus SZX7 變焦立體顯微鏡
預配置的奧林巴斯(Olympus)體視顯微鏡系統 預配置的奧林巴斯(Olympus)體視顯微鏡系統
  • 簡化 SZ61SZX7 顯微鏡的元件選擇
  • 系統可與您選擇的相機一起使用
  • 支架系統包括滾珠軸承支架
Best Buy! Economical Basic 20X Stereo Microscope Best Buy! Economical Basic 20X Stereo Microscope
  • 20X Magnification
  • Excellent Eye Relief
  • 360° Rotatable Head
  • Erect Wide Field Image
Edmund E-Zoom 系列 Edmund E-Zoom 系列
  • 4.3:1 或 6.3:1 變倍比
  • 長工作距離
  • 可選三眼版本
Edmund Optics Zoom Inspection Microscope Heads Edmund Optics Zoom Inspection Microscope Heads
  • Continuous 4:1 Zoom Range
  • Magnifications as High as 200X
  • Video Capable
  • Fixed Working Distance
High Power Stereo Microscope High Power Stereo Microscope
  • 20X/40X or 30X/60X Magnification
  • Achromatic Optics/Metal Construction
  • Good Depth of Field
  • Crisp Erect Wide Field Image
Z系列模組化變焦立體顯微鏡 Z系列模組化變焦立體顯微鏡
  • 可取得2.4倍至320倍的放大倍率
  • 採用模組化設計,能實現最大的可自訂性y
  • 提供符合人體工學的選項,防止重複使用導致受傷
Opto IM Compact M Digital Microscope Module Opto IM Compact M 數位顯微鏡模組 New
  • 整合光學元件、攝像頭和照明裝置的數位顯微系統
  • 隨插即用 USB3.1 介面
  • 包括影像採集軟體和 SDK
  • 校準 和 粒子 靶標可用
Opto IM Profile M Digital Microscope Module Opto IM Profile M 數位顯微系統模組 New
  • 整合光學元件、攝像頭和照明裝置的數位顯微系統
  • 隨插即用 USB3.1 介面
  • 包括影像採集軟體和 SDK
  • 校準 和 粒子 靶標可用

Microscope Systems are essential to many Advanced Diagnostic systems and applications. Each application may require a different type of microscope – most common include Stereo and Inverted Microscopes. Stereo Microscopes are optical microscopes that use incident light illumination for inspection. Stereo Microscopes offer a broad range of magnification options, along with features such as zoom capability or interchangeable objectives in higher-end models. Inverted Microscopes simply flip the objective and sensor position below the sample, and are important for cellular analysis, well plate inspection, or petri dish inspection where critical features and cells reside on the bottom of a well. Inverted Microscopes are beneficial for specimens that are best imaged from underneath in order to reduce the amount of spherical and chromatic aberrations typically induced by immersion medium. Microscope Systems are ideal for analysis of small features and defects that cannot be resolved simply or easily by the human eye.

Edmund Optics offers Stereo Microscopes and Inverted Microscopes by industry leading manufacturers, including Mitutoyo and Olympus. The Mitutoyo FS70 Inspection Microscope is compatible with the Mitutoyo Infinity Corrected Objectives. The Olympus Stereo Microscopes offer various mounting configurations for a variety of application and system spaces. Edmund Optics also offers a variety of Stereo Microscope accessories, including cameras or vibration isolation tables which minimize vibrations from interfering with image quality.

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