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    Type of Illumination

    Fiber Optic Light Guides

    Fiber Optic Light Guides are used to transmit illumination provided by fiber optic illuminators for a number of imaging or microscopy applications. Fiber Optic Light Guides interface with illuminators to transfer light to one of several adapter heads that transmit light in a usable manner. Fiber Optic Light Guides are available in several varieties including backlights or ring lights. Fiber Optic Light Guides offer the benefits of numerous illumination products with only one light source making them cheap, effective alternatives to many other illuminators.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Fiber Optic Light Guides suited for many illumination needs. Rigid Fiber Optic Light Guides are able to maintain a set position to allow additional operations during an application. Non-rigid light guides possess superior flexibility allowing for improved maneuverability for tight or delicate applications. Multiple headed light guides are also available for applications requiring more than one illumination source.


    • 70% Typical Illuminator Coupling Efficiency
    • Cool, Uniform Illumination
    • Crimped Stainless Steel Terminations
    • Ground and Polished Glass Fibers

    • 可產生高對比度的輪廓影像
    • 漫射程度高,光線分佈均勻
    • Ideal for Line Scan Camera Applications
    • Used in 2D Vision Systems

    • For Fiber Optic Illuminators
    • Even Light Distribution
    • High Contrast for Inspecting Reflective Surfaces

    • Fixed Focus and Adjustable Focus Lens Options
    • Rugged Housing
    • Low Profile Design Available

    • 可提供360°無陰影的冷光均勻照明
    • 能搭配使用偏振片配件
    • 採用包覆PVC材料的金屬護套
    • 採用黑色陽極電鍍鋁外罩
    • 典型的照明燈耦合效率達70%
    • Crimped Stainless Steel Terminations
    • 採用玻璃光纖(具有經過研磨與拋光的端面)

    • 採用固定不動的鋼質鵝頸管
    • Mountable Aluminum Transition and PVC Monocoil Sheathing
    • Mounting Accessory Available

    • 數值孔徑為0.55
    • 無斂集率損失
    • 出眾的紫外線穿透性質
    • 較玻璃管束更高的整體穿透率

    • 固定不動的不鏽鋼鵝頸管
    • 單路與雙路選項



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