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Optical Cleaning

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Lens Tissue and Cloth | 查看所有

Cleaning Cloths Cleaning Cloths
  • Photo-Clear® and Anti-Static Options
愛特蒙特光學工業級試鏡紙 愛特蒙特光學工業級試鏡紙
  • 傳統的軍用規格擦拭紙
  • 大尺寸散裝平板紙包裝
  • 500 Sheet per Package
愛特蒙特光學®擦拭紙 - 商業級 愛特蒙特光學®擦拭紙 - 商業級
  • 優質的第1類第1級擦拭紙
  • 傳統的軍用規格擦拭紙
  • 100 Sheet 4" x 5" Booklet
愛特蒙特光學®擦拭紙 - 教育級 愛特蒙特光學®擦拭紙 - 教育級
  • 標準的教育級擦拭紙
  • 50 Sheet 4" x 6" Booklet
Kimberly Clark Precision Wipes - Kaydry® EX-L Kimberly Clark Precision Wipes - Kaydry® EX-L
  • Low Lint
  • High Absorbency
  • Ideal for Laboratory or Production Use
Kimberly Clark Precision Wipes - KIMWIPES® EX-L Kimberly Clark Precision Wipes - KIMWIPES® EX-L
  • Lint Resistant Wipes
  • Ideal For Delicate Surfaces
  • Perfect for Laboratory or Manufacturing Environments
Kimberly Clark Wipes- KIMTECH Pure® W5 Kimberly Clark Wipes- KIMTECH Pure® W5
  • Lint Resistant
  • Class 100 ISO 5 Cleanroom Compliant
  • High Water Absorbency Weight
Kimberly Clark Wipes- ScottPure® Critical Task Kimberly Clark Wipes- ScottPure® Critical Task
  • Low Lint
  • Absorb Dirt and Liquids Quickly
  • Solvent Resistant
Low Contamination Pec-Pad Cleaning Tissue Low Contamination Pec-Pad Cleaning Tissue
  • Lint Free Durable Design
  • Less Than 0.001% Contamination
  • No Visible Hazing
  • Ideal for Sensitive Surfaces
Prematex® Cleaning/Wiping Cloths Prematex® Cleaning/Wiping Cloths
  • Advanced Microfiber Technology
  • Extremely Durable and Reusable
  • Smooth White Cloths
  • Ideal for Delicate Surfaces
Prematex® Pop-n-Wipe® Cleaning Cloths Prematex® Pop-n-Wipe® Cleaning Cloths
  • Advanced Microfiber Technology
  • Extremely Durable and Reusable
  • Creped White Cloths
  • Resilient and Very Absorbant
Pre-Moistened Towelettes Pre-Moistened Towelettes
  • Pre-Moistened White Cloths
  • Individually Packaged

Optical Cleaning Kits | 查看所有

基本與外加光學元件清潔套件組 基本與外加光學元件清潔套件組
  • 預先搭配的便利組合
  • 隨附儲存盒
CO<sub>2</sub> Laser Optics Cleaning Kits New
CO2 Laser Optics Cleaning Kits
  • Cleaning and Handling Supplies for ZnSe Optics
  • Storage Case and Infrared Optics Cleaning Instructions Included
  • Refill Kits and Extra Lens Polish Available

Compressed Air | 查看所有

Anti-Static Canned-Air Ionizer Anti-Static Canned-Air Ionizer
  • Boosts Performance of Canned Air Dusters
  • Eliminates Static Electrical Charge on Lenses
  • Snaps Onto Compressed Air Cans
  • Requires One AA Battery to Operate

Gloves, Brushes and Swabs | 查看所有

Anti-Static Knit Assembly Gloves Anti-Static Knit Assembly Gloves
  • Excellent Electrostatic Discharge Properties
  • Nylon and Carbon Fiber Filament Construction
  • Available in Pairs or Packs of 12
Cotton-Tipped Swab Applicators Cotton-Tipped Swab Applicators
  • Lint-Free
  • 3" or 6" Wooden Stems
ISO 5 (Class 100) Anti-Static Fingercots ISO 5 (Class 100) Anti-Static Fingercots
  • ISO 5 Class 100
  • Anti Static and Powder Free
  • Ideal for ESD Sensitive Assembly Work
Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves
  • ISO 5 Class 100 and 1000 Styles
  • 100% Nitrile Construction for Low Particulates
  • Snag and Puncture Resistant
光學清潔刷 光學清潔刷
  • 適用於光學件的清潔
  • 快速去除灰塵和絨毛
  • 非常適用於溶劑可能會造成損壞的場合
Polyurethane-Dipped Gloves Polyurethane-Dipped Gloves
  • Nylon Knit Gloves
  • Polyurethane-Dipped for Increased Grip
  • Flexible for Ergonomic Fit
Powder-Free Latex Gloves Powder-Free Latex Gloves
  • ISO 5 Class 100
  • Powder Free Style
  • Available in Medium, Large and Extra Large

Lens Cleaners and Pouches | 查看所有

PUROSOL&trade; Optical Cleaner PUROSOL™ Optical Cleaner
  • Endorsed by EO Assembly Staff
  • 100% Environmentally Safe
  • Smear, Residue Free
  • Unique Soil-Release Process
  • For All Coated and Multi-Layer Coated Military Optics
Purosol™ 運動/海洋清潔劑 New
Purosol™ 運動/海洋清潔劑
  • 可分解及排除鹽晶
  • 適合清潔海洋及醫療光學產品
  • 無毒 100% 環保配方
Menda&reg; Pump-Top Dispensers Menda® Pump-Top Dispensers
  • Precision Dispensing Mechanism
  • Ideal for Cleaning Solutions
  • Several Sizes and Bottle Options
Soft Lens Pouches Soft Lens Pouches
  • Safely Store Optics
  • Offered In Two Sizes
  • Durable Stitched Cloth Design
Compact Lens Cleaning System Compact Lens Cleaning System
  • Safe for All Lenses
  • Dry Carbon Compound
  • Non-Hazardous and Environmentally Friendly

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Optical Cleaning Products are used to clean or safely handle sensitive optical components for maintenance or inspection applications. Optical Cleaning Products consist of a range of different products including lens tissue, compressed air, or cleaning solutions designed to remove residue or debris from an optical component without the risk of damaging its surface. Optical Cleaning Components are available in a wide range of sizes or materials ideal for a number of optical cleaning needs.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Optical Cleaning Products suited for most cleaning needs. Lens Tissue and Cloth are ideal for removing oils or residue without the danger of scratching the surface of an optical component. Compressed Air cleans by firing concentrated bursts of dry air to remove dust or other particulate without touching the component with potentially damaging instruments. Gloves are composed of a selection of smooth materials which allow components to be safely handled without reducing dexterity. A selection of lens pouches is also available for clean, safe storage.

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