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高效能od 4.0低通濾光片 高效能od 4.0低通濾光片
Top Seller
  • 穿透與攔截範圍大
  • 坡度陡峭,可有效辨別光譜
  • 結合高通濾光片打造自訂帶通範圍
OD 4.0 高效能低通與高通濾光片套件 OD 4.0 高效能低通與高通濾光片套件
  • 具有精確的穿透波長與截止波長
  • 具有OD 4.0 低通或OD 4.0 高通規格
  • 非常適用於實驗室整合
  • 注意:有可能更改包装
紅外 (IR) 低通濾光片 紅外 (IR) 低通濾光片
  • 在廣波段紅外波段範圍內平均穿透率 ≥ 85%
  • 整個攔截波段 OD≥3.0
  • 環境和醫療應用的常見波長
OD 2.0 低通濾光片 OD 2.0 低通濾光片
二向色低通濾光片 二向色低通濾光片
  • 明確的截止波長
  • 穿透與反射範圍大
  • Available in 4 Common Sizes
TECHSPEC® Low GDD Dichroic Shortpass Ultrafast Filters 低 GDD 二向色低通超快濾光片
  • 減少厚度實現低 GDD
  • 穿透與反射範圍大
  • 適用於超快雷射應用
高效能熱反射鏡 高效能熱反射鏡
  • 在400 - 690nm範圍內的穿透率大於90%
  • 在750 - 1150nm範圍內的反射率大於95%
  • 非常適用於最大限度減少熱量積累
UV Hot Mirrors UV Hot Mirrors
  • Transmits 80% of UV and Visible Light
  • Reflects 70% of IR Light
  • Contact Us for Custom Sizes
熱鏡 熱鏡
  • 減少熱能的理想選擇
  • 反射 >90% 的 NIR 和 IR 波段
  • 穿透 >85% 的可見光
延伸型熱反射鏡 延伸型熱反射鏡
  • 近紅外反射能力較標準熱反射鏡更高
  • 工作溫度最高可達230°C
  • 對於色溫為5500K或3200K的光源,中性色的公差為 ±250K
紅外線截止濾光片 紅外線截止濾光片
  • 710nm 截止波長
  • 圓形及矩形選項
  • 供應各種尺寸
超薄低通濾光片 超薄低通濾光片 New
  • 採用彈性設計,可配合曲面表面
  • 抗刮,採用超薄聚合物結構
  • 80% 以上的平均穿透率
SCHOTT 有色玻璃吸熱低通濾光片 SCHOTT 有色玻璃吸熱低通濾光片
  • Schott KG 有色玻璃基材
  • 吸收紅外線輻射
  • 50 x 50mm 尺寸搭配 1、2 或 3mm 厚度
線性可變邊緣濾光片 線性可變邊緣濾光片
  • 成對使用可構建高效率的自訂帶通濾光片
  • 最佳輸入光束直徑為0.2 x 8.0mm
  • OD3攔截
  • 可選用線性可變帶通濾光片
OD 2.0 低通濾光片 OD 2.0 低通濾光片
  • 明確的截止波長
  • 高效穿透/攔截
  • 採用精密熔融石英基材

Shortpass Filters, also known as Shortpass Edge Filters, are used to transmit wavelengths shorter than the cut-off wavelength of the filter. Shortpass Filters are commonly use in life science applications including fluorescence microscopy or for integration into a variety of instrumentation. Shortpass Filters are typically designed for a 0° Angle of Incidence, whereas Shortpass Dichroic Filters are designed for use at a 45° Angle of Incidence. Shortpass Filters can be used with Longpass Filters to create custom bandpass filters to selectively transmit portions of the spectrum while rejecting all other wavelengths. Shortpass Edge Filters can also be used as hot mirrors to minimize unwanted heat caused by infrared radiation. The phrase "High-Pass Filter" is commonly used to refer to frequency instead of wavelength, so "High-Pass Filter" counterintuitively refers to Shortpass Filters, not Longpass Filters. "Lowpass Filter" similarly describes frequency and refers to Longpass Filters.

Edmund Optics offers a variety of Shortpass Filters for performance in the ultraviolet, visible, or infrared. TECHSPEC High Performance OD 4 Shortpass Filters offer superior blocking with maximized transmission. TECHSPEC Dichroic Shortpass Filters feature low polarization dependence, broad spectral ranges, along with hard coatings ideal for use in harsh environments. Shortpass Edge Filter kits are also available containing some of Edmund Optics’ most popular Shortpass Edge Filters.

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