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Iris Diaphragms | 查看所有

高效電控光圈 高效電控光圈
TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. TECHSPEC®組件由愛特蒙特光學設計、指定或製造。進一步瞭解
  • 迅速準確重複動作
  • 雙控制裝置及槓桿機械結構
  • 可拆卸的插銷適用於OEM集成
高品質標準系列可變光圈 高品質標準系列可變光圈
  • 結構件採用耐腐蝕材料
  • 熱絕緣係數高
  • 葉片可選AR彈簧鋼或Burnished 彈簧鋼
高效能零孔徑系列可變光圈 高效能零孔徑系列可變光圈
  • 光圈完全關閉
  • 防腐蝕外框
  • 高抗熱性
  • 供應拋光彈簧鋼及不鏽鋼彈簧鋼葉片選項
封裝版標準系列可變光圈 封裝版標準系列可變光圈
  • Pre-mounted in Aluminum Mounts
  • 8-32 or ¼-20 Threading for Post Mounting
  • Aperture Sizes Up to 50mm
不鏽鋼系列可變光圈 不鏽鋼系列可變光圈
  • Stainless Steel and Brass Construction for Stability
  • Mounted Version Features both an English and Metric Tapped Hole for Easy Post Mounting
  • Ideal for Flow Control Applications
標準系列可變光圈 標準系列可變光圈
  • Used to Adjust f/#, Field Stop Diameter, and Overall Light Throughput
  • Mounted Version Features a Tapped Hole for Post Mounting
  • Abundant Types for Varying Applications
零孔徑系列可變光圈 零孔徑系列可變光圈
  • Provide Total Light Extinction When Closed
  • Aperture Sizes Up to 75mm
  • Mounted Options Available

Pinholes and Slits | 查看所有

可調整的光學狹縫 可調整的光學狹縫
  • 6mm Maximum Clear Slit Opening
  • Fine Micrometer-Driven Mechanical Slit Adjustment
  • ¼-20 Hole for Mounting
High Power Apertures High Power Apertures
  • Ceramic, Copper, Gold-Plated Copper, Molybdenum, or Tungsten Substrates
  • Withstand High Power Densities up to 130MW/cm2 (For Mo and W Substrates)
  • Ideal for Spatial Filtering and Laser Aperturing
Acktar 黑化小孔 Acktar 黑化小孔
  • 低反射率,涵蓋 EUV 至 SWIR
  • 99% 吸收率黑化鍍膜
  • 孔徑大小 50 至 1000μm
  • 提供未裝框及已裝框版本
Acktar 黑化狹縫 Acktar 黑化狹縫
  • 寬頻帶低反射鍍膜
  • 99% 吸收率,涵蓋 EUV 至 SWIR
  • 狹縫尺寸最小 25μm x 3mm
  • 提供未裝框及已裝框版本
精密狹縫 精密狹縫
  • 安裝版本提供穩固的機械支撐效果
  • 用於光學系統與教育活動中
  • 適用於分光光度計影像分析
Unmounted Precision Pinhole 精密小孔
  • Available in Aperture Mounts for a Secure Mechanical Support
  • Pinhole Sized Ranging from 1 to 1,000 Microns
  • High Power Apertures Available
2-Axis Adjustable Slits 雙軸可調狹縫 New
  • 兩個獨立可調軸
  • 最大 10 x 10 mm內的任何尺寸矩形狹縫
  • 外徑50 mm,便於系統整合

Iris and Aperture Mounts | 查看所有

可變光圈調整座 可變光圈調整座
  • 提供多種光圈直徑選項
  • 耐用的陽極電鍍鋁結構
  • 已隨附固定螺釘
C、S 及 T 接口可變光圈調整座 C、S 及 T 接口可變光圈調整座
TECHSPEC® components are designed, specified, or manufactured by Edmund Optics. TECHSPEC®組件由愛特蒙特光學設計、指定或製造。進一步瞭解
  • 適用於 C、S 及 T 接口系統的可變孔徑
  • 兩端設置公及母螺紋便於整合
  • 透過旋轉環或槓桿調整以提供精準控制
精密小孔安裝座 精密小孔安裝座

Shutters | 查看所有

C-接口電動快門 C-接口電動快門
Top Seller
  • 設計緊湊,外徑60mm
  • 簡單的On/Off操作,TTL輸入高達30Hz
  • 外接和內接C-螺紋支援簡便配置
電動快門 電動快門
  • 採用微處理器控制運動軌跡
  • 採用USB、RS-232、TTL或手動控制
  • 據評估可執行數百萬次驅動循環
  • 提供25與35mm孔徑的快門

Apertures are used to limit the amount of light that is exposed to imaging sensors or photodetectors for a range of laser or imaging applications. Apertures are optical components comprised of irises, pinholes, or slits designed to block certain portions of a light source from reaching photodetectors in order to prevent oversaturation or damage. Apertures may be controlled by expanding or contracting the diameter or width of the opening to fit multiple applications or environments, making Apertures versatile light blocking choices.

Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Apertures suited for many imaging needs. Some Apertures may be mounted directly in front of an imaging sensor to provide greater levels of effectiveness or increased mobility. Some Apertures are offered in motorized or manual controls for multiple customization or usability options. A selection of replacement pinholes or slits is also available for either providing additional aperture diameters or for replacement needs.

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