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    Diameter (mm)
    Dimensions (mm)
    Thickness (mm)
    寬頻複合漫射器 New
    • 表面處理的半透明白色玻璃
    • 兩種散射機制
    • 出色的近紅外線散射性能
    • 適用於紫外線及紅外線漫射應用
    • 採用保護型鋁或保護型金鍍膜
    • 120 Grit 噴砂表面
    有色玻璃漫射器 New
    • 有色玻璃濾光基材
    • 120 Grit 噴砂表面
    • 紅色、藍色和綠色選項
    白色漫射玻璃 白色漫射玻璃
    • 半透明的白色玻璃
    • 高度擴散以提供均勻的照明
    • 兩面擴散
    乳白色擴散玻璃 乳白色擴散玻璃
    全像擴散片 全像擴散片
    • 穿透效率超過85%
    • 提供圓形與橢圓形擴散輸出
    • 非常適用於可見光及近紅外應用
    • UV Holographic Diffusers Also Available
    全像紫外線擴散片 全像紫外線擴散片
    • 漫射角度範圍是0.5 - 50°
    • 熔融矽石基材在200nm波長條件下的穿透率為70%
    • 提供均勻的光分佈
    • Standard Holographic Diffusers Also Available
    Commercial Quality Sandblasted Glass Commercial Quality Sandblasted Glass
    • Large Sizes Available
    • 120-Grit Sandblast
    • Economically Priced
    磨砂玻璃擴散片 磨砂玻璃擴散片
    • 提供從5mm直徑到250mm方形的尺寸
    • 低散射損失
    • 具有均勻研磨的表面,可產生均勻漫射
    • Fused Silica Substrates Available
    UV Fused Silica Ground Glass Diffusers UV Fused Silica Ground Glass Diffusers
    • Even, Diffuse Surface
    • Ideal for Applications Utilizing UV Wavelengths
    • 低散射損失
    • Float Glass Substrates Also Available
    Optotune雷射散斑衰減器 Optotune雷射散斑衰減器
    • 非常適用於消除雷射散斑雜訊
    • 具有整合式驅動電子裝置,可隨插即用
    • 提供多種漫射角度

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    Optical Diffusers are used to evenly diffuse light in a wide variety of industrial applications. Optical Diffusers cause light to spread evenly across a surface, minimizing or removing high intensity bright spots. Optical Diffusers are also ideal for use as screens or targets in imaging applications. Optical Diffusers are also known as Light Diffusers in many illumination applications. Substrate determines the level of loss due to scatter.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide variety of Light Diffusers in a range of substrates including ground glass, holographic, or opal. TECHSPEC Ground Glass Diffusers are ideal for applications that require low scatter loss. Holographic Diffusers are used to increase transmission efficiency from a variety of light sources. UV Holographic Diffusers are also available for increased performance in the ultraviolet. Opal Diffusing Glass is ideal for generating a nearly Lambertian distribution of light, but cause higher levels of scattering loss. Optical Diffusers are available in a wide range of sizes to meet an application’s needs.

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