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Color & Gray Level Test Targets | 色卡測試板

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標準色卡 標準色卡
  • 測試真實的色彩平衡
  • 包括自然色、色度色、三原色以及灰度色
  • 以科學方式設計的色塊組合多達 30 個
Color Scanner Test Target Color Scanner Test Target
  • Ideal for Evaluation of Color Flatbed Scanners
NIST 可追蹤色彩穿透校準載玻片 NIST 可追蹤色彩穿透校準載玻片 New
  • 24 Calibrated Colors Patches
  • 9 Patch Diameters from 150 to 4150µm
  • Compatible with Oil Immersion Objectives
EIA 灰階圖案測試片 EIA 灰階圖案測試片
  • 視訊校準
  • 永久的密度標準
  • 評估/比較相機的動態範圍
ISO-14524反射性相機對比圖卡 ISO-14524反射性相機對比圖卡
  • 可確定相機的動態範圍
  • 具有12個灰階貼片
ISO-21550動態範圍薄膜 ISO-21550動態範圍薄膜
  • Used to Determine Optical Density Range of Transmission Scanners and Imaging Systems
Large Grayscale Target Large Grayscale Target
  • 每項刻度包含15個密度步長
  • 對數灰階
反射性掃描器測試板 反射性掃描器測試板
  • Complies with the ISO 16067-1 Standard
  • Designed to Test Digital Scanning Systems
Spectralon® 白平衡及漫反射測試板 Spectralon® 白平衡及漫反射測試板
  • 漫反射在紫外線到可見光再到近紅外線波長範圍 (350 – 1600nm) 具備 99% 的標稱反射率
  • 耐用、穩定且可清洗
  • 具有 NIST 可追蹤校準憑證及資料 (250 – 2500nm)

Color & Gray Level Test Targets measure the level of an imaging system's color or grayscale performance. Color & Gray Level Test Targets consist of a variety of colored or grayscale patterns that evaluate an imaging system's dynamic range by comparing the target with a system's image. Color & Gray Level Test Targets provide a convenient, simple way to test an imaging system's gray level or color performance.

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