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Color and Gray Level Test Targets

Color and Gray Level Test Targets measure the level of an imaging system's color or grayscale performance. Color and Gray Level Test Targets consist of a variety of colored or grayscale patterns that evaluate an imaging system's dynamic range by comparing the target with a system's image. Color and Gray Level Test Targets provide a convenient, simple way to test an imaging system's gray level or color performance.

Color Checkers
  • 測試全彩平衡Nano
  • 包括自然色、有彩色、原色與灰階色
  • 24, 30, 50 或140 個以科學方法設計的色卡

Color Scanner Test Target
  • Ideal for Evaluation of Color Flatbed Scanners

NIST 可追蹤色彩穿透校準載玻片
  • 24 Calibrated Colors Patches
  • Patch Diameters from 150 to 4150µm
  • Compatible with Oil Immersion Objectives

EIA 灰階圖案測試片
  • 視訊校準
  • 永久的密度標準
  • 評估/比較相機的動態範圍

  • 可確定相機的動態範圍
  • 具有12個灰階貼片

  • Used to Determine Optical Density Range of Transmission Scanners and Imaging Systems

Large Grayscale Target
  • 每項刻度包含15個密度步長
  • 對數灰階

  • Complies with the ISO 16067-1 Standard
  • Designed to Test Digital Scanning Systems

Spectralon® 白平衡及漫反射測試板
  • 漫反射在紫外線到可見光再到近紅外線波長範圍 (350 – 1600nm) 具備 99% 的標稱反射率
  • 耐用、穩定且可清洗
  • 具有 NIST 可追蹤校準憑證及資料 (250 – 2500nm)



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