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    Specialty Mirrors

    Specialty Mirrors are a unique subject of Optical Mirrors that are designed to offer a solution to many of the problems faced when using traditional Optical Mirrors, such as space limitations or wavefront manipulation. Edmund Optics offers a range of Specialty Mirrors to be used in a variety of applications or industries, such as illumination, imaging, or microscopy. Edmund Optics’ Specialty Mirrors include deformable mirrors, rod or cone mirrors, right angle prism mirrors, or convex spherical mirrors.

    Deformable Mirrors, which modify their surface profile to best reflect incoming light, are used for wavefront manipulation or system enhancement applications. Deformable mirrors are ideal for life science instrumentation, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), or OEM integration. Cone mirrors are used for 360° illumination. Rod mirrors or right angle prism mirrors are ideal for redirecting laser light at 90°. Convex spherical mirrors, which produce virtual upright images, are used to increase an imaging system’s field of view.



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