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雷射光反射鏡基材 雷射光反射鏡基材
  • λ/10 表面平整度及 10-5 表面品質
  • 高品質熔融石英基材
  • 大尺寸搭配圓形或矩形幾何形狀
  • 另有窗鏡基材可供選擇
未鍍膜凹面反射鏡 未鍍膜凹面反射鏡
  • 適合雷射聚焦應用使用
  • 高精密熔融石英反射鏡毛胚
  • 提供客製鍍膜選項
TECHSPEC® Superpolished Substrates 超精密拋光基材
  • 雙面超精密拋光可達 ≤1Å RMS 以下的表面粗糙度
  • 低散射表面,適用於紫外線或高功率雷射應用
  • 斜邊及邊緣均拋光處理的紫外線熔融石英基材
  • 內部製造,可提供 6 至 76.2mm 的客製尺寸及形狀,以及 <0.5Å以下的表面粗糙度
Uncoated Convex Laser Mirrors Uncoated Convex Laser Mirrors New
  • High Precision Fused Silica Mirror Substrates
  • Large Selection of Diameters and Focal Lengths
  • Custom Coating Options Available

Laser Optics

Laser Mirror Substrates, also referred to as Laser Mirror Blanks, are coated with either a dielectric or metallic coating and are used as laser mirrors. These mirror substrates feature high surface quality and surface flatness to prevent reduced performance due to localized surface defects. Common materials for Laser Mirror Substrates include N-BK7 and UV Grade Fused Silica, as well as ZERODUR® for applications that experience temperature fluctuations.

Edmund Optics offers standard sizes of plano and curved surface Laser Mirror Substrates. Our plano Laser Mirror Substrates are available as either circular or rectangular shapes, in standard imperial sizes. Uncoated Concave Mirrors are offered in multiple diameters, with a range of focal lengths, to meet application requirements. Please contact us if your application requires a custom metallic or dielectric coating on our Laser Mirror Substrates.

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