Ball and Condenser Lenses | 球形透鏡與特殊透鏡

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模造非球面聚光透鏡 模造非球面聚光透鏡
  • 高數值孔徑
  • 提供完整文件,方便進行 OEM 整合
  • 適合照明應用
模壓非球面聚光透鏡 模壓非球面聚光透鏡
  • 硬化處理提升耐用度
  • 高數值孔徑
  • 適合照明應用
聚光透鏡 聚光透鏡
  • 模壓照明透鏡
  • 非球面或球面設計
  • 高數值孔徑
大型pcx聚光透鏡 大型pcx聚光透鏡
  • 提供直徑100至250mm的大尺寸產品
  • 採用拋光表面,以實現無與倫比的精密度,不同於鑄造光學元件
  • 350-2200nm的波長範圍
N-BK7球形透鏡 N-BK7球形透鏡
  • Can be Used as Fiber Coupling Spheres or Collimating Lenses
  • Ideal Pre-Forms for Aspheric Lenses
  • Available in a Variety of Sizes
  • TECHSPEC N-BK7 Half-Ball Lenses Also Available
N-BK7半球形透鏡 N-BK7半球形透鏡
  • Fiber Coupling Half-Spheres
  • Collimating Lenses
B270 半球形透鏡 B270 半球形透鏡
  • 有半球形、截斷型及擴展型等多種幾何形狀
  • 可見光及近紅外光的高折射率
  • 對成本敏感應用的理想選擇
熔融石英球形與半球形透鏡 熔融石英球形與半球形透鏡
  • 出眾的紫外線穿透率
  • 熱膨脹係數低
  • 提供球形與半球形選項
高折射率半球形透鏡 高折射率半球形透鏡
高折射率球形透鏡 高折射率球形透鏡
藍寶石及紅寶石球形透鏡 藍寶石及紅寶石球形透鏡
藍寶石及紅寶石半球形透鏡 藍寶石及紅寶石半球形透鏡
ISP Optics 半球紅外透鏡 ISP Optics 半球紅外透鏡 New
  • 高數值孔徑
  • 是光纖和LED耦合的理想選擇
  • 基材可選熔融石英, Si, CaF2, 或 ZnSe Substrates

Ball Lenses are commonly used to improve signal quality in fiber coupling applications, or for use in endoscopy or bar code scanning applications. Ball Lenses feature short back focal lengths to minimize the distance needed from the Ball Lens to the optical fiber. Edmund Optics offers a variety of Ball Lenses in a range of substrates for performance in the ultraviolet to the NIR. Half-Ball Lenses are also available to ease mounting or system integration.

Condenser Lenses are used in high efficiency illumination or projection systems. Condenser Lenses are optical lenses designed to gather light while correcting for spherical aberrations or coma. Edmund Optics offers a variety of Condenser Lenses. Aspheric Condenser Lenses can effectively replace multiple element systems by reducing the number of back reflections, thereby increasing the overall transmission. By replacing a multiple element design, the complexity and size can be decreased. Condenser Lenses are often used in pairs with their convex surfaces nearly in contact.

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