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DataRay CMOS Beam Profilers DataRay CMOS Beam Profilers New
  • Designed for Use from 355 to 1150nm
  • Compatible with Beam Diameters Down to 52µm
  • Robust and Easy to Use Free Software Provided
  • Measure Beam Wander, M², Divergence, and More
DataRay Scanning Slit Beam Profilers DataRay Scanning Slit Beam Profilers New
  • Designed For Use From 190 to 1150nm
  • Measure Beam Diameters of 2µm to 4mm
  • Robust Easy to Use Software Provided
愛特蒙特光學®光束輪廓儀 愛特蒙特光學®光束輪廓儀
Top Seller
  • 具有高分辨率,可執行準確的小光束輪廓量測
  • 大型區域傳感器,可執行大型光束輪廓描繪
  • 採用USB 3.0以取得最快的傳輸速率
#11-760 Edmund Optics TPA Ultrafast Autocorrelator by APE (700-1100nm) 超快自動相關器
  • 適用於描述超快雷射脈衝特性
  • 內建 TPA 偵測器,在 700-1100nm 具備 0.1W2 以上的敏感度
  • 精巧的外型設計,含 SCPI 介面軟體
  • 適用於低及高重複率的超快雷射
Coherent® Lasercam™ 光束輪廓儀 Coherent® Lasercam™ 光束輪廓儀
  • 12 and 14-bit Digital USB 2.0 Interface Options
  • 具有高敏感度與動態範圍
  • 包含直觀的 BeamView™ 軟體

Laser Beam Analysis technology is used to measure the attributes of a laser beam in order to test its usefulness or compatibility for different laser applications. Laser Beam Analysis includes devices such as profiler systems that evaluate data from beam images to provide information such as beam location, peak intensity position, stability, or beam density. Laser Beam Analysis systems offer a range of information as well as a greater amount of control over many laser applications by delivering detailed information about a tested laser.

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