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    FireWire Cameras

    FireWire Cameras are used to capture images in a variety of imaging applications. FireWire Cameras are imaging cameras that use the FireWire IEEE-1394 data transfer technology to transfer image information. FireWire Cameras are available with FireWire.A or FireWire.B digital interfaces. FireWire.A Cameras offer data transfer rates of up to 400Mb/s, but only support cable lengths of up to 4.5m. FireWire.B Cameras offer data transfer rates of up to 800Mb/s along with long cable lengths of up to 100m when using a glass optical fiber cable.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of FireWire Cameras in FireWire.A or Firewire.B versions for integration into a variety of imaging systems. The availability of the FireWire port on many computers, in addition to its wide variety of features, make FireWire Cameras ideal options for many imaging applications that require fast speeds. A selection of FireWire accessories are is available, including cables or capture cards.

    Allied Vision Guppy FireWire.a Cameras
    • Ultra Compact
    • Low Cost
    • Color or Monochrome

    Allied Vision Guppy Pro FireWire.b相機
    • 小型
    • FireWire.b介面
    • 低成本
    • 最快123 FPS

    Allied Vision Pike FireWire.b Cameras
    • Designed for High Speed Applications
    • HD and VGA to 5MP Options Available
    • 16 Bit High SNR Mode

    Allied Vision stingray firewire相機
    • 具有出眾的效能價格比
    • 具有高位元深度(14位元或8位元輸出,使用者可以選取)
    • VGA(640 x 480)– 提供5百萬像素分辨率

    Basler scout相機
    • 提供FireWire.b與Gigabit乙太網路連接
    • 具有小型堅固外罩,可輕鬆整合
    • 與GenICam、GigE Vision與EMVA 1288相容

    FireWire.a VGA Board Level Cameras
    • Full Frame Electronic Shutter
    • Standard M12 x 0.5 Lens Mount
    • Uncompressed VGA Picture Up to 30fps
    • DCAM Compliant

    PixeLINK® FireWire.a CCD Cameras
    • 0.8, 1.4, 2.0 MegaPixel CCD
    • External Trigger and General-Purpose Output Controls
    • FireWire Interface, DCAM Compliant

    PixeLINK® FireWire.a CMOS Cameras
    • 0.3 to 6.6 MegaPixel Color/Monochrome CMOS Arrays
    • External Trigger and General-Purpose Output Controls
    • FireWire Interface, DCAM Compliant
    • USB2.0 and GigE Versions Also Available



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