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Relay Lenses and Couplers

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Nikon F-Mount Lens to C-Mount Camera Adapter, #54-341 C-Mount Camera Lens Adapters
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  • Allows C-Mount Video Camera to Accept 35mm SLR Camera Lens
消色差鏡頭 消色差鏡頭
  • 15mm 及 30mm 直徑選項
  • 抗反射鍍膜透鏡
  • 供應消色差透鏡組套件
封裝版近紅外消色差透鏡對 封裝版近紅外消色差透鏡對
  • 30mm 直徑套件,專為 NIR 應用所設計
  • 已針對多種放大倍率進行最佳化
  • 非常適合整合到OEM應用中
  • NIR II 鍍膜,適用於 750-1550nm
中繼轉接鏡頭 中繼轉接鏡頭
  • 已針對1:1成像進行最佳化
  • 提供f/4與f/8版本
適用於目鏡與C接環相機的單筒DIN顯微鏡 適用於目鏡與C接環相機的單筒DIN顯微鏡
  • Integrate Objective with C-Mount Camera or DIN Eyepiece
  • Compatible with DIN Standard Objectives
  • Objective and Eyepiece Not Included
Steinheil 三片式消色差透鏡 Steinheil 三片式消色差透鏡
T-Adapter for Camera Bodies T-Adapter for Camera Bodies
  • Turns Standard 35mm SLR Cameras Into T-mount
  • Use With T-Components

Relay Lenses are designed to extend imaging systems or invert images in a variety of microscopy applications. Relay Lenses can also be used to integrate video systems into microscopy setups. Relay Lenses designed for video microscopy can ease focusing eyepieces or video monitors. Couplers are also available for adapting microscopy systems to specific cameras.

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