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Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE)

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HOLO/OR 繞射光束整型器 HOLO/OR 繞射光束整型器 New
  • 將高斯光束整型為平頂外形輪廓
  • 均勻強度的方形輸出形狀
  • 專為 532nm Nd:YAG 雷射所設計
  • 相容於單模光束
HOLO/OR 繞射渦旋相位板 HOLO/OR 繞射渦旋相位板 New
  • 可將高斯光束轉換為甜甜圈形的能量環
  • 提供適合 532nm 及 1030nm 雷射的渦旋相位板
  • 相容於平行單模高斯輸入光束
玻璃渦旋相位板上的HOLO/OR聚合物 玻璃渦旋相位板上的HOLO/OR聚合物
  • 將高斯光束轉換為環形能量環
  • 用於488、515和532奈米雷射的渦旋相位板
  • 玻璃上的聚合物,價格較低的N-BK7基材
HOLO/OR 繞射漫射器 HOLO/OR 繞射漫射器 New
  • 以均質化分佈塑形雷射光束
  • 圓形或方形輸出形狀
  • 專為 532nm 及 1064nm Nd:YAG 雷射所設計
  • 相容於單模或多模光束
HOLO/OR 繞射分光鏡 HOLO/OR 繞射分光鏡 New
  • 將光束分為多個繞射階
  • 1 維陣列或 2 維矩陣輸出
  • 專為 Nd:YAG 及 CO2雷射所設計
  • 相容於單模或多模雷射
HOLO/OR 繞射軸稜鏡 HOLO/OR 繞射軸稜鏡 New
  • 將輸入光束轉換為類似貝索光束
  • 比折射軸稜鏡更薄的設計
  • 專為光纖及 1064nm Nd:YAG 雷射設計
  • 相容於單模或多模光束
HOLO/OR 繞射光束取樣器 HOLO/OR 繞射光束取樣器 New
  • 可產生兩個較高階的光束用於光束監控
  • 不易受 X-Y-Z 位移影響
  • 相容於單模或多模光束

Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) are manufactured to have microstructure patterns that alter and control the phase of transmitted laser light. By altering the microstructures, it is possible for a diffractive optical element to produce almost any beam intensity profile or beam shape to meet application requirements. These optical elements are manufactured from various substrates, including plastic, fused silica, germanium, sapphire, and zinc selenide (ZnSe), enabling their use with UV, visible, and infrared (IR) lasers. Diffractive Optics are generally designed for a specific laser wavelength and their performance is wavelength dependent.

Shop our wide selection of Diffractive Optical Elements, including Diffractive Diffusers, Diffractive Lenses, Diffractive Beamsplitters, Diffractive Beam Samplers, Diffractive Beam Shapers, Diffractive Axicons, and Diffractive Vortex Phase Plates. These Diffractive Optical Elements are used in a variety of applications, including material processing, medical and aesthetic treatments, and semiconductor wafer inspection.

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