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    LED Accessories and Power Supplies

    LED Accessories and Power Supplies are used to provide additional features or replacement parts for LED illumination components. LED Accessories and Power Supplies consist of a number of heat sinks or mounting brackets as well as a large selection of power sources for many LED products. LED Accessories and Power Supplies increase the lifespan of many LED illumination components by offering the tools necessary to adapt to multiple environments as well as many replacement options.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of LED Accessories and Power Supplies suited for many LED illumination products. LED mounting brackets allow a range of LED products to be installed in multiple locations, increasing their versatility to a number of additional applications. Heat sinks keep LED light sources cooler for longer periods of time, allowing increased runtimes for longer or more demanding requirements. Power sources provide the energy necessary to power LED illumination products. Power sources are available in several varieties for compatibility with many LED products.



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