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C-接口電動快門 C-接口電動快門
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  • 設計緊湊,外徑60mm
  • 簡單的On/Off操作,TTL輸入高達30Hz
  • 外接和內接C-螺紋支援簡便配置
電動快門 電動快門
  • 採用微處理器控制運動軌跡
  • 採用USB、RS-232、TTL或手動控制
  • 據評估可執行數百萬次驅動循環
  • 提供25與35mm孔徑的快門

Shutters are used to control the level of light exposure to an optical lens or lens system in a range of applications such as imaging or microscopy. Shutters are manually or motor controlled irises that may be opened or closed to control the level of light that passes through the aperture. Shutters provide an accurate, stable level of light transmission that may be easily adjusted or maintained for repeated implementation. A number of motorized shutters are also available that include several iris control modes for increased versatility.

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