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Holographic Reflective Diffraction Gratings

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Richardson Gratings™ High Precision Reflective Holographic Diffraction Gratings Richardson Gratings™ 高精密反射全像繞射光柵
  • 高繞射效率
  • 雜散光比直紋光柵少,週期性比直紋光柵更精準
  • 提供紫外線至近紅外線區域的波長選項
  • 提供客製尺寸
全像光柵 全像光柵
  • Groove Density up to 3600 Grooves per mm
  • Bare Aluminum Coating
  • Sinusoidal Grating Profile
  • Available Wavelength Range of 250 - 1500nm
全像繞射光柵薄膜 全像繞射光柵薄膜
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  • 適合光譜儀使用
  • 兩種溝槽間距選項
  • 供應 6 吋 x 12 吋片狀及 200 呎捲狀


  What are diffraction gratings?
A diffraction grating separates polychromatic (or multiple wavelengths) light into its component wavelengths by diffraction. Diffraction is a process in which light incident to a surface with dimensions similar in size to its wavelength is dispersed at certain angles. These diffraction angles are dependent upon the wavelength of light. Thus, polychromatic light will have a separate diffraction angle for each individual wavelength. This difference in diffraction angle is what separates light into its component wavelengths.
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