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Dovetail Optical Rail Systems

75mm Width, Dovetail Carrier, #55-340
50mm Width, Dovetail Carrier, #55-341

36" Length, Dovetail Optical Rail, #54-402

1.5" Width, Dovetail Carrier, #55-339

2.5" Width, Dovetail Carrier, #54-404

75mm Width, Dovetail Carrier, #55-340

0.5" Width, Dovetail Carrier, #54-403

12" Length, Dovetail Optical Rail, #54-401

50mm Width, Dovetail Carrier, #55-341

  • 提供滑軌與導輪
  • 低型設計,可平滑運動
  • 具有更高的穩定性,直線準確度小於1mrad

Dovetail Optical Rail Systems are designed to easily mount and position a variety of optical components into optical systems. Rails feature clear holes and slots that allow for ¼-20 socket head cap screws to mount the rail to breadboards or optical tables. The dovetail design increases stability, and the rail’s V-groove allows it to be used as a V-block. Carriers are used to mount ¼-20 or metric optomechanical components to a rail. Carriers utilize a two piece design to prevent screws from coming in contact with the rail, and to allow easy attachment and removal. Thumbscrews are used to lock the carrier to the rail. Rails and carriers are constructed of black anodized aluminum to minimize stray reflections or glare.

Note: Rails and carriers are sold separately.


Stock No. L A B C D # Slots # C'bores
#54-401 12 6 4 3
#54-402 36 18 16 4 6 5 2


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