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National Instruments™ Vision Builder Software for Automated Inspection

  • Easily Configurable for Inspection
  • Incorporates Power Image Processing and Analysis Functions
  • Acquire Images from PCI Image Acquisition Boards and IEEE-1394 Industrial Cameras
  • Control Digital I/O Hardware, PLCs, and Serial Devices

National Instruments™ Vision Builder for Automated Inspection is a powerful software program that allows end users to develop their own computer-based automated inspection processes. Use the software with an image acquisition card and industrial camera to determine if products are assembled or manufactured correctly. Vision Builder for Automated Inspection has both a Configuration Interface and an Inspection Interface. The Configuration Interface is used to set up a prototype inspection routine. After the routine has been completed, toggle to the Inspection Interface and run the inspection continuously. The Inspection Interface displays the image under inspection, a table showing each step and its pass/fail status, and a collection of statistical graphs such as yield and efficiency. Although Vision Builder for Automated Inspection does not require any programming, LabVIEW™ (v.6.1 and higher) users may export inspection routines as LabVIEW™ code for use in their own programs.

User defined inspection routines may be applied to images supplied by an image acquisition board or to a folder containing saved images using the Simulated Acquisition feature. Nearly 200 functions from previous Vision Builder software packages may be found in the new Image Assistant function. Image processing and blob analysis tools include look up tables, FFT filtering, color plane extraction, gray morphology, particle filters, etc. Processed images may be evaluated using an extensive set of functions including Find Edges, Find Straight Edge, Find Circular Edge, Match Pattern, Detect Objects, Caliper, Geometry, Measure Intensity, Read 1D Barcode, OCR, and Decision Making. Requires Windows® 2000/NT/XP/Me/9x.

Note: In order to use IEEE-1394 FireWire cameras, software driver must be purchased separately.


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