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Pre-Mounted Fluorescence Filter Cube Sets

Empty Filter Cube - Nikon


Empty Filter Cube - Nikon

TECHSPEC® Pre-Mounted Fluorescence Filter Cube Sets are designed to easily integrate into popular Olympus or Nikon microscopes. Each fluorescence filter cube set consists of one TECHSPEC Fluorescence Dichroic Filter and two TECHSPEC Fluorescence Bandpass Filters that have been specifically oriented to achieve optimum excitation and emission of popular fluorophores. For increased adaptability, filters can be easily removed and replaced to meet the needs of the application. Unmounted TECHSPEC Fluorescence Filter Kits are also available.

Built-to-Order Product: Each product is assembled from stock components at the time of your order. If all components are in-stock, your product will typically ship within 10 - 15 days. If you have any questions about delivery or inventory status, please contact us.


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