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VLM™ 高品質雷射二極體模組

VLM™ High Quality Laser Diode Modules (Mount Sold Separately)

VLM™ High Quality Laser Diode Modules (Mount Sold Separately)

  • Ideal for Measurement and Positioning Applications
  • 635nm & 670nm Wavelengths

Fixed focus, visible laser modules combine laser diode technology, quality optics, and high-end electronics with a compact housing to provide a rugged, reliable laser source for a variety of applications. Differing models have bright, red beams with circular or elliptical beam sizes in a variety of powers and wavelengths, as well as both line generator and industrial housed versions. The Micro VLM™ series offers a compact size for space limited requirements. 應用包括測量、定位、機器人視覺、條碼掃描、調準、導引、指向、開關、計時及整平。適用於多種醫療、工業與科學儀表,以及一般研發工作。Power Supply, required for operation, sold separately.

Note: Mount pictured sold separately.


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