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Anti-Static Canned-Air Ionizer

Canned-Air Ionizer

Canned-Air Ionizer
  • Boosts Performance of Canned Air Dusters
  • Eliminates Static Electrical Charge on Lenses
  • Snaps Onto Compressed Air Cans
  • Requires One AA Battery to Operate

This is an easy-to-use attachment that significantly boosts the performance of canned air dusters by adding ions to the flow of gas (compressed air). It eliminates static electrical charge on lenses, glass, and plastics, as well as digital imaging equipment.

By simply adding ions, this patent-pending device neutralizes static charge, allowing the force of the gas jet to more easily remove dust particles. Ionized air cleans more effectively with shorter bursts, thus extending the life of each can of compressed gas. A second version is available for heavy use, frequent duty cycles, or ESD sensitive applications. It retains efficiency during prolonged use by avoiding a charge build up on the operator and ionizer. It includes a coiled 12 ft. grounding cord. Both models easily snap onto any of our compressed air cans, and require only a single AA battery to operate.

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