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C-mount Electrical Shutter, #87-208

C-mount Electrical Shutter, #87-208 On/Off Switch Controller, #87-325 T-Mount Electrical Shutter (#11-153)
  • 緊湊型,外徑為60mm
  • 開關操作簡易,採用最高30Hz的TTL輸入
  • 採用C型公、母螺紋,以易於設定

The C and T-Mount Motorized Shutters are ideal for controlling detector exposure or for use as optical choppers. The shutters operate in a normally closed position and open when a 5VDC signal is applied to the input. The C and T-Mount Motorized Shutters have been designed to integrate with other C and T-Mount components and include M6 and ¼-20 threaded holes for post mounting to standard metric or English breadboards. To control the opening and closing the shutter, use the On/Off Controller (#87-325) or TTL input.

Note: Shutter leaves are fragile and should not be handled.

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