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Communications Grade Fiber Optics

  • Optimal Light Transmission in the Visible Spectrum
  • Lowest Attenuation Possible for a Plastic Fiber Optic
  • Ideal for Data Transmission Applications

Edmund Optics offers ESKA® acrylic fiber optics developed and manufactured by Mitsubishi. We offer these fibers in two grades, both with superior optical properties for improved transmission. The core of both is made of acrylic polymer (polymethyl-methacrylate) and is sheathed with a special thin layer of fluorine polymer which has a lower refractive index than the fiber core.

Communications Grade Fibers and Light Guides

These fibers were designed to provide optimal light transmission in the visible region of the spectrum for both digital and analog data links. They have the lowest attenuation possible for a plastic fiber optic. In addition to data transmission, they can be used for a wide variety of applications wherever superior light transmission is required. They feature increased durability and heat resistance.

Note: Price listed is per foot - minimum 10 feet per order.

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