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DOLAN-JENNER MH-100金屬鹵素化光纖照明燈

  • 亮度是150W石英鹵素照明燈的兩倍
  • 適用於多種紫外線、可見光、近紅外應用
  • Removable Internal UV/IR Cut Filter
  • 5300K Color Temperature
  • Built-In External Filter Holder
  • Low Housing Temperature

Dolan-Jenner's Fiber-Lite® MH-100 Metal Halide illuminator elevates illumination to a new level. It delivers more than two times the light output of a standard 150W Quartz-Halogen Illuminator. It is designed to produce a brilliant white light with true color rendering and balance. Features include 5300K color temperature, 20 to 100% intensity control via manual iris, low housing temperature, and removable UV/IR cut filter. With the UV/IR cut filter removed, the full UV-NIR metal halide lamp spectrum can be utilized. Additionally, built-in external filter holder and available tempered filters (35mm dia. x 2.5mm thick) allow modification of the illuminator's spectral output. Optimize the light output by using fibers with a core diameter of 3/8" to ½".

Our Liquid Light Guides and our Quartz Fiber Optic Light Guides are recommended when using the MH-100 for UV applications. Light guide adapters needed to mate with fiber optic light guides.

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