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TECHSPEC® Goniometers

TECHSPEC® Goniometers 30mm, 40mm Radius, English Goniometer 40mm, 60mm Radius, English Goniometer 70mm, 180mm Radius, English Goniometer +1
  • 提供公制和英制孔型
  • 可堆疊,實現兩軸旋轉
  • Mechanically Compatible with our TECHSPEC® Stages

Goniometers allow for precise angular adjustment of an object about a fixed point located above the center of the mounting surface. They provide true tip and tilt adjustment of any optical component and are often used to accurately direct lasers and align mirrors in beam steering applications. Our new TECHSPEC® Goniometers are available in different plate sizes to accommodate a host of applications. Each size is offered in several radii of movement for easily stacking into two axis configurations. To provide motion about a common point in two different axes, mount goniometers with smaller radii on top of those with larger radii of the same stage size.

Each goniometer stage features precision movement along a dovetail design with a vernier scale for high-resolution measurements and movement repeatability. A locking thumbscrew allows each to be held securely in place. 30mm and 40mm goniometer stages are constructed of durable black painted brass, while 70mm goniometer stages are constructed of black anodized aluminum. Bottom adapter plates, sold separately, are required to mount 30mm and 40mm stages to standard breadboards; 70mm stages will mount directly.

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