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12.5/12.7mm Diameter Kinematic Mount, 2-Screws, #58-850

12.5/12.7mm Diameter Kinematic Mount, 2-Screws, #58-850 25/25.4mm Diameter Kinematic Mount, 2-Screws, #58-851 50/50.8mm Diameter Kinematic Mount, 2-Screws, #58-852 12.5/12.7mm Diameter Kinematic Mount, 3-Screws, #58-853 +2
12.5/12.7mm Diameter Kinematic Mount, 2-Screws, #58-850
  • 100 TPI微调螺釘
  • 備有手指切口以提供絕佳便利與精度
  • 旋轉/傾斜範圍:±5°

TECHSPEC® 動態圓形光學調整架系列可對光學元件進行精準的調節。每款調整架都採用高精度調節螺釘,備有兩(2)或三(3)螺釘型式用於控制旋轉/傾斜。三螺釘型式允許在光軸方向進行更多平移。尼龍頭鎖緊螺釘(隨附1.5mm六角扳手)防止對光學組件造成損壞,手指切口設計使光學元件的放置變得便利和準確。結構材料確保了品質和重複率。不鏽鋼嵌件用於所有調節螺釘接觸面,特殊設計的阻尼油膏可實現平順作動。調節旋鈕可拆卸,以供六角扳手或電動調節(2mm扳手尺寸)。隨附的硬體套件包含桿式安裝螺釘和調節用內六角扳手。

Construction materials ensure quality and repeatability. Stainless steel inserts are used for all adjustment screw contact surfaces and specially designed dampening grease provides smooth movement. Adjustment knobs are removable for Allen Key or motorized adjustment (2mm key size). Included hardware kit contains post-mounting screws and Allen wrenches for adjustment.

These mounts are designed to connect to our TECHSPEC® Metric Stainless Steel Mounting Posts. When the male-thread adapter is removed from the post, either an M4 or 8-32 tapped hole is available to accept the post-mounting screw from the mount.

TECHSPEC® Optical Mount Accessories available to easily integrate TECHSPEC® Kinematic Circular Optical Mounts into a variety of application setups.

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