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Point Grey Chameleon® USB 2.0相機

  • 採用高品質1.3 MP Sony® EXview HAD CCD®
  • 超緊湊,重量輕
  • 具有適用於觸發器及閃光燈的通用I/O

Point Grey Chameleon® USB 2.0相機是符合成本效益的輕量型解決方案,適用於多種成像應用。此CS接口相機使用極為敏感的⅓”Sony ICX445 CCD與12位元A/D轉換器,可產生高品質的1.3百萬像素影像 (幀率為18fps)。此相機具有可拆卸的玻璃/紅外線濾光片系統,以及小型輕量級塑膠外罩。7針通用I/O接頭可用於實現相機與外部裝置 (例如外部觸發器或光源) 的同步。藉由所需的#59-3825針mini-B USB接頭 (另售),纜線可以傳輸資料與電力。每個Point Grey Chameleon® USB 2.0相機都隨附¼-20三腳架接口轉接器、5mm的C接口鏡頭轉接器,以及FlyCapture®影像擷取與相機控制SDK。

Note: Software available for download.

A key feature of the FLIR Chameleon® USB 2.0 Camera is the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) chip that controls all camera functionality, including gain, exposure, gamma, resolution and frame rate, user memory channels, and more. The FPGA chip can be updated with new firmware in the field. Other standard features include multiple trigger and strobe modes, and regions of interest.

The FLIR Chameleon® USB 2.0 Camera fully complies with the IIDC v1.31 specification. Existing FLIR camera users will benefit from the seamless software integration that is available using the FlyCapture® Software Development Kit (SDK). The FlyCapture® SDK is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux platforms, including support for ActiveX, TWAIN and DirectShow.


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