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Rod透鏡 | Edmund Optics
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系列ID系列ID用於識別產品系列介紹,使得用戶利用搜索功能就能快速訪問介紹頁面。 #2092


  • 將平行光聚焦為直線
  • 提供小至1mm的直徑
  • 提供N-BK7與熔融矽石(Fused Silica)基底選項

Designed for use in a variety of laser and imaging systems, these components are available in a range of micro sizes for integration into a host of OEM applications. Custom sizes, variations in polishing/ ground surfaces and additional coatings are available upon request, please contact our Sales Department for details.

TECHSPEC®Rod透鏡的周邊經過拋光,兩端經過研磨,光學效能類似於柱面透鏡。經過Rod透鏡直徑的平行光將聚焦為直線。提供N-BK7與紫外線熔融矽石(Fused Silica)基底,可用於多種紫外線、可見光及近紅外應用。


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