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SpeckFinder HD® Single Unit Inspection System

  • Self Contained Inspection System
  • Image Capture Capabilities
  • 1-90X Magnification Range
  • USB Thumbdrive Compatible for Sharing Images
  • 1280 x 1024 High Resolution Camera
  • 6.5” High Resolution TFT Display

The SpeckFinder HD® is an all-in-one offline inspection system, designed to inspect parts with a 1X to 90X magnification range. The SpeckFinder HD® is a fully integrated digital microscope, incorporating the microscope, camera, computer, and display into one compact piece of equipment. This combines with its 180° articulating arm to make it one of the most ergonomic and work space friendly computer microscopes. Equipped with a 1.3 MegaPixel camera and zoom lens, the system will allow parfocal imaging from 1X to 90X. The included white LED ring light and base light allow both front and back illumination, and are adjustable for different types of inspections. The Microsoft XP operating system offers familiar user interface, and the included software allows both still and video images to be captured. The included mouse and keyboard allow full control of the software and camera. Data can be copied to an external device using a USB 2.0 port.

Software Functionality

The software packages included as part of the SpeckFinder HD® system are truly powerful, yet simple tools. An Operator View software package is intended for use by non-technical operators. This view has only 4 buttons – one to save the image, one to select the location of saved images, one to adjust basic camera settings, and one to exit the program. For more sophisticated users, full camera control is available, with functionality including adjustment of pixel clock, frame rate, exposure, gain, contrast, brightness, gamma, Region of Interest, backlighting, white balance, color offset, image contrast, and color formatting. What’s more, analytical tools have been included to provide the user with a host of measurement tools, as well as the ability to label, draw, or annotate images. Movies or time-lapsed frames are easily captured as well.

Illumination Control

The SpeckFinder HD® includes a unique and intuitive illumination control system. Featuring both a base light for backlighting and a ring light for front illumination, the control is completely user adjustable. The backlight is controlled by a simple knob, allowing for 0 – 100% intensity adjustment. The ring light is controlled via simple software interface, and allows for independent control over all 80 LEDs. Individual LEDs can be turned on or off, and group control is available to adjust intensity between 0 and 100%. By allowing for individual or groups of LEDs to be turned on or off, the ring light can function as a directional light as well, simulating standard gooseneck or spot light illumination schemes common in microscopy setups.


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