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Sugarcube™ LED 照明燈

  • 可直接替代150W鹵素照明燈
  • 與鹵素光源相較可省電50%
  • LED使用壽命超過60,000小時
  • For Use with Fiber Optic Light Guides

SugarCUBE™ LED Illuminators have an output of up to 4300 lumens and are ideal replacements for standard halogen illuminators because LED illuminators last up to 60 times longer than halogen bulbs and never need to be replaced. These illuminators are controllable manually through controls on the front of the unit or via RS-232 for easy integration into computer controlled systems. Optional, easy-to-operate software is also available. A fiber optic adapter required to connect a light guide to the illuminator.

Available with red, green, blue, white, or ultra white options, SugarCUBE™ LED Illuminators fulfill a wide range of machine vision applications. The standard white unit offers an output power of greater than 1450 lumens and a radiant flux of 1200mW. The much brighter ultra white unit features greater than 4000 Lumens and 9800mW. To maximize the high brightness of the ultra white illuminator, we recommend using a ½" diameter or larger fiber optic light guide.


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