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UV Enhanced Smart CCD Spectrometer (Recertified 05-P)

Stock #87-297-RCD-05P Recertified
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Wavelength Range (nm):
200 - 400
Digital Resolution (bits):
16-bit or 65,535:1
Spectrograph f/#:
Operating System:
Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32-bit & 64-bit)
Computer Interface:
USB 3.0/2.0/1.1
Integration Time:
Minimum: 1 ms (Adjustable in 1 μs increments)
Type of Sensor:
2048 elements linear CCD
Pixel Size, H x V (μm):
14 x 200
Data Transfer Speed (spectra/ sec):
Up to 900
Operating Temperature (°C):
5 to 35
Dimensions (mm):
124 x 91 x 35
Weight (kg):
Resolution (nm):
Input Voltage (V):
5V <0.5 A (Internal through USB)
Slit Width (μm):
Thermal Drift (Counts/°C):
Max: 29
External via Auxiliary Port
Trigger Delay (ns):
Dimensions (inches):
4.9 x 3.6 x 1.4

Regulatory Compliance



  • 0.6nm的高光譜分辨率
  • 低雜散光,以取得最大光通量
  • 隨插即用的USB 3.0接口,每秒可傳輸高達900個光譜

UV增強型智慧CCD分光儀經優化,可在紫外的範圍內提供最高效能,並可進行多通道操作,提供超低觸發延遲和閘抖動。UV增強型智慧CCD分光儀備有板載資料處理、高速USB 3.0資料傳輸,以及溫度補償等功能。這些分光儀利用低雜散光光具座以及讀出速度高於2MHz的內建16-位元數位板。

The UV Enhanced Smart CCD Spectrometer’s optical bench features a Czerny-Turner layout to minimize the angle of reflection on the grating, reducing stray light and improving aberrations. The two focusing mirrors have been f/# matched and coated with protected aluminum to further improve performance, reliability, and throughput. Light is coupled into the spectrometer through the SMA 905 adapter and onto a 25μm slit to provide greater than 0.6nm resolution. The included, easy-to-use software offers a variety of features and tools to perform complex measurements and calculations, allowing the user to view data in multiple formats.


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