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    Wavelength Range (nm)

    Crystalline Polarizers

    Crystalline Polarizers rely on the effects of birefringence in crystalline materials to modify the polarization of incident light. The transmission of the desired polarization and deviation of the remaining is related to the index of refraction of the birefringent materials and the angles of the cut between the crystals. Crystalline Polarizers typically consist of two birefringent crystals cut and aligned at specific crystalline axes to gain a particular polarization behavior, such as Lyot Depolarizers which take incident polarized light and output unpolarized light. Crystalline Polarizers have a high optical purity making them ideal for many laser applications requiring high damage thresholds with superior extinction ratios.

    Edmund Optics offers Glan-Type polarizers in three configurations including Glan-Laser, Glan-Thompson, and Glan-Taylor, as well as Lyot Depolarizers. All Glan-Type polarizers transmit the extraordinary beam, while deflecting the ordinary. Designed for high powered laser applications, Glan-Laser polarizers feature high optical quality crystals in conjunction with advanced polishing, making them an excellent high-power polarizer.

    Wollaston 偏光鏡
    • 提供多種偏光材料
    • 提供紫外線至紅外線的使用範圍
    • 普通光線與特殊光線之間有大角度偏移

    Rochon 偏光鏡
    • 提供多種偏光材料
    • 普通光線可無偏差通過
    • 特殊光線會發生偏離

    • 廣闊工作範圍涵蓋220 - 2200nm
    • 高消光比
    • 高損傷閾值,在 1064nm 可達 5 J/cm2

    Lyot Depolarizers
    • Turn Polarized Light into Non-Polarized Light
    • Designed for Polychromatic Light
    • UV to IR Wavelength Range



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