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    Focal Length FL (mm)
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    Imaging Lenses are used to view objects in imaging systems. Imaging Lenses are imaging components used in imaging systems to focus an image of an examined object onto a camera sensor. Depending on the lens, Imaging Lenses can be used to remove parallax or perspective error or provide adjustable magnifications, field of views, or focal lengths. Imaging Lenses allow an object to be viewed in several ways to illustrate certain features or characteristics that may be desirable in certain applications.

    Edmund Optics offers a wide range of Imaging Lenses suited for many imaging needs. Several TECHSPEC® Imaging Lenses are available that offer unique imaging capabilities that are not capable with standard lenses, such as TECHSPEC® Telecentric Lenses for edge contrast imaging or TECHSPEC® SWIR Imaging Lenses, which have been optimized for use with shortwave infrared wavelengths. A large selection of Imaging Lens accessories is also available including mounts or adapters for additional functionality.

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